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What Is Time Management!

from: Jim Holden - Staff writer

One of the most precious things that mankind is able to enjoy is time. Every second in our lives count and each of us has the responsibility to make sure that every single moment that passes has given us the maximum benefit that can be derived from it. It is for this reason that a lot of us spend their time and energies in finding out how to most effectively manage time and read articles like this one in the hope of getting tips on how to best deal with its movement.

However, when we really dig deep into the matter, time management is not all that difficult to achieve. As most experts say, proper time management begins with the acknowledgement and recognition of what is important to each of us. This means that we must first know what we want out of life and determine where we are headed before we proceed to making plans. Knowing what our goals are is the first step to managing our time effectively.

Not having a list of goals to be accomplished is like groping for the door in the dark. The act is useless and is a waste of time and effort. If we had known from the very beginning what we had wanted to happen, whether to just wait a few minutes until light comes up or whether to call out for help while trying to remember where the door is and how the room looked before, we wouldn’t trouble ourselves with walking blindly and not knowing where to go.

What is time management, then? Time management is the proper delegation of the time we have in order that the most important tasks are achieved before the more menial and less-important ones. It means getting the maximum value and benefit out of every activity accomplished, no matter how small or big. It means accepting that not everything can be completed at the same time and that there are things that can be achieved within the limitations of our human faculties.

Most people try to do everything at the same time, or multitask, in the hopes of reaping the rewards at the same time, as well. This is a common misconception. People who try to cram everything into a single event usually end up with nothing, or with less than what might have been due them, because their focus was distributed and their energies spread out too thinly.

We live in a fast-paced world and, sometimes, the more we get done at the shortest period of time is laudable. However, we must also recognize that finishing tasks does not necessarily mean we have extracted their maximum benefits. More often than not, it means just that – a task finished.

Because of this, we often just try to convince ourselves that, at least, we got something done, instead of basking in the glory of having accomplished something and accomplished it well.

What time management aims to teach is that we must not only work to get activities done on it, but also that we enjoyed the journey that led to their completion. For how will we be able to gain a sense of fulfillment if we merely completed something without much thought or heart put into it?

Philosophers say that man’s main purpose in the world is to seek happiness. Thus, how we manage our time should be anchored on this concept. Again, simply getting things done will not do. We must also seek the pace and path that would make us feel happy, in order to generate a real sense of being from every task we finish.

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