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Free Self Improvement Ebooks On the Internet!

from: Jim Holden - Staff writer

The Internet is a veritable source of all kinds of information about anything we can think of, from the most extreme, like hair weaving, to the most mundane, like paper printing, we can rest assured that there is something on the Internet to satisfy the interest of just about anyone.

It is, therefore, not a surprise that people are also able to download free ebooks on self improvement. After all, self improvement is such a world concern that getting information on the subject is as easy as popping a jelly bean into our mouths.

A lot of writers out there are unable to sell their books to publishers. One, because of the limited number of publishers out there and the insane number of new writers who come up with new content by the minute. Two, because the cost of creating and printing a paperback is too high. Thus, many writers turn to the Internet to market their books – because not only is it free, but it can also reach more potential customers than if they put their goods physically on the shelves.

For a cheapskate whose desire is to gather all the information he or she needs on a certain self improvement subject, the Internet is nirvana. Not only do the books come cheap, since most are sold in ebook formats, most writers are also too desperate to get noticed in the literary scene that they opt to put their self improvement ebooks out for free.

Anyone can download these books off the Interenet and enjoy them in just a few seconds, as opposed to ordering the physical paperback version, which takes a few days or weeks to reach our doorsteps.

Web sites like and project gutenberg offer free ebook versions of popular and new self improvement books that may be downloaded safely into personal computers in a matter of seconds.

Project gutenberg has all sorts of books on its roster, from the classics like the Oliver Twist and the Sherlock Holmes, to the more contemporary, like Dr Phil's and Deepak Chopra's life guides.

On a similar note, whitedovebooks showcases free ebook versions of books by new writers, such as Judith Barth's Train Your Brain, Dr Robert Anthony's The Greatest Obstacle To, Napoleon Hill's Think And Grow Rich and other similar books.

Unlike before, books are now easily accessible to a lot of readers, thanks to the Internet. Ebook versions of popular books are now available for download, most of them are out there for free. It's amazing how technology has made obtaining information easier for us.

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