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Change Of Behavior Needed For Self-Improvement

from: Jim Holden - Staff writer

Any form of change involves resistance. This is so because it means one has to go out of his comfort zone. Such idea is not welcomed easily by most since it will obviously require more effort to be able to cope well. However, that is the only way to change. Change has never been considered as something easy.

In spite of this, however, change is essential in all aspects of life. People change as well as the circumstances of their lives. One can never be stagnant and still claim that he is doing just fine. Moving on and maybe in another direction is an inevitable part of life.

The same is true with how people behave. At any point, certain behaviors will not be appropriate anymore and will be requiring changes to be able make up an improved self. For instance, a young lady in her college days may behave in a carefree manner. She can go out with friends and do whatever she wants. However, as soon as she gets married, she will have more responsibilities. She will probably have to opt to stay at home and take care of her baby than go out with friends to watch a movie. Such change in behavior is obviously necessary.

There are many other similar instances in a person’s life. At any point, one really has to behave differently as he matures. Change may be difficult but it is not an impossibility.

The good thing, though, with any change is that once the resistance stage is over, the person feels liberated and empowered because he was able to conquer something for the sake of self-improvement. The path was difficult but it made him a better person so it was worth all the effort.

Self-improvement is indeed a complicated task. First, one has to identify what it is that he really wants to change. From there, certain strategies may be necessary. An analysis also of the context and circumstances of life may be required to be able to know better how to modify the behaviors involved.

Behavior is indeed one of the points of target when trying to improve oneself. This is so because a great amount of self-control is necessary in regulating other aspects of life. This is especially the case if one is targeting improvements in the way he relates with other people. For instance, a person loses patience easily and tends to become hot-headed even with petty things. Self-improvement may begin here by changing how he reacts to petty things that used to annoy him.

He may try to learn how to put it aside as soon as he feels it is already starting to get to his nerves. He may also learn how to channel his annoyance to something more productive like painting or writing a poem. With this example, it can be clearly seen that trying to improve one aspect involves modification of several behaviors.

This explains why counsellors normally advice the preparation first of a self-improvement plan. It is often easier to implement changes if one knows exactly where he is heading. The plan does not have to be very exact as it should still leave some room for flexibility. A self-improvement plan gives proper context to behaviour modification. It may also be a basis in the future if the modified behaviour really led to self-improvement.

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