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Self Esteem Article

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Self-Esteem Clothing

from: Marie K Gordon - Guest Writer

Self-esteem clothing is a clothing line for ladies in the United States. They mostly trade tops that are sold on consignment to bigger stores such as J.C. Penney’s. They also sell eyewear and foot wear. The style is mostly cool and casual.

There are sizes available from small to plus size women. Recently, the owners figured into some problems from outraged sectors over a t-shirt they have manufactured that says “Property of the Boys’ Locker Room”. Most found it degrading and inhuman to label girls as properties. The outrage caused the owners to pull out their stocks.

The company has their own website which also serves as a community. People are allowed to interact with one another. They also hold contests such as essay writing. The theme is predictably about self-esteem. The contestant is asked to provide tips on how to bolster self-esteem. The winning essay would be published on their website and they will be given shirts that will be delivered directly to the winner.

Self Esteem Clothing sure has a catchy name. It gives one a sense of feeling good about one’s self, mostly one’s physical appearance, when one wears self-esteem clothing’s apparel. As the name suggest, self-esteem pertains to self-image. Or how one perceives him or herself to be. It is also synonymous to confidence. Or how one regards his or herself.

Curiously, people afflicted with self-esteem issues are mostly women. This is so because society puts a high premium on a woman’s physical appearance. While men are allowed to have the just-got-out-of-bed look, complete with bed hair, women are mostly expected to look their best. This is why Self-Esteem Clothing are designed for women.

The style is casual so as to reinforce the idea that self-esteem is all about being comfortable moving in one’s own skin. It is about being happy even in one’s most natural state. It is about dressing down and having enough confidence in one’s personality to not rely on loud clothes just to be noticed.

For, indeed, true self-esteem is not dependent on external factors such as clothes or make-up, self-esteem is dependent on how one perceives him or herself to be. It is personal. It is about behaviour and a person’s state of mind.

Teens mostly suffer from self-esteem issues as appearance tend to matter most at this stage. Peer acceptance is mostly dependent on one’s physical appearance, sad as it may sound. But there are ways on how to deal with this. While it is always tricky to deal with teenagers as it is mostly during this time that people are caught in the middle of being a child and being an adult, the key to bolstering self-esteem is constant support from a teen’s parent.

It is never too late to focus on a person’s positive traits and trusting a child, teen or adult to make their own decisions. I guess, when it all comes down to it, a person’s level of self-esteem depends on how much trusted they feel.

Self confidence and trust go hand in hand. While clothing can help a person feel good about him or herself, these are not all there is to self-esteem. If a person’s self-esteem depends on the clothes they wear, then what happens when they take these off? What remains would be a sad, hallow soul. For truly, more than clothing, self-esteem is really all about trusting one’s self and loving one’s self just the way they are.

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