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´╗┐Low Self-Esteem Does Not Linger

from: Jim Holden - Staff Writer

Self-esteem is very important in a person's life. It decides what an individual would do or how would they perform. Self-esteem literally means how a person looks at himself or herself. A person with a high self-esteem may be very successful in life. Those who have a high self-esteem trust their own selves so that they can get the job done. However, not all people trust themselves and their capabilities. These people have low self-esteem.

You may not notice it but low self-esteem will eventually take its toll on you. If you have low self-esteem, you are bound to get more easily noticed. If you are not quite sure, then let the following descriptions enlighten you.

Usually, you perceive of yourself as someone who is quiet and shy for most of the time, sometimes to the point that you think of yourself as the lowest of the low. You do not believe in your talents or on the things that you can do, and you just stay quiet even though you know, in your heart of hearts, that you can do it. If these things happen to you then something in you questions your capability to perform certain tasks because you feel like you lack the confidence to push it through.

Low self-esteem actually controls and holds you down. It prevents you from doing something that you can actually perform successully. It also prevents you from achieving something great. Low self-esteem must be abolished from every person's mentality so that everyone can perform his or her best with his or her abilities.

When you were born, you were not born with low self-esteem. It is not innate. It gets developed through hardships and trials. Some events may lead to your losing your confidence. These said events are most usually traumatic and it sticks inside your head, which is the reason why you tend to lose your self-esteem little by little, sometimes, even as a whole.

Instances like you get humiliated in public, or you made a wrong decision, in some point of your life, that cost you something that was precious or very significant to you. Another possible situation would be that, something happened in your childhood and it made you lose your self-esteem. Basically, everyone does not have low self-esteem at birth, nor a high one at that matter, but everyone has a self-esteem that is of medial rate, and it is only your experiences that determine whether you will be having a high one or a low one.

Once your self-esteem is lost, does that conclude that you are never ever going to have high self-esteem again? The answer is no. You can actually regain it. If you have a low self-esteem because of previous bad experiences, one thing to conquer this problem is to face that certain bad experience and turn it into a good one.

You must make that bad thing into something that is more productive. In that way, every time you encounter that experience, or any other event that is closely related to the aforementioned, what you will remember from it is the good thing and not the bad feeling you got.

You must always keep in mind that you should protect your self-esteem. It is important for the people around you, but more important for your own welfare. You must also remember to teach your children the values and abilities in order for them to be able to conserve their self-esteem. You should instill in them confidence to face each day with their heads up high, because a low self-esteem or lack of confidence will determine what kind of a person they will be.

Low self-esteem will hold people down from showing their real potential. Remember, if you have a low self-esteem, you should try, as much as possible, to overcome it in the quickest time. You may never know what you can do if only you have the confidence.

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