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ing depression, anorexia nervosa, delinquency, self-inflicted injuries and even ... had low self-esteem, current research suggests that the self-esteem of ...
www.actforyouth.net/documents/june_self_esteem.pdf -

Eating Disorders - Anorexia nervosa, Anorexic bulimia
Many suffer from depression, repressed anger, anxiety, and low self-esteem, combined with a tendency toward perfectionism. About 20 percent of bulimics also ...
www.scienceclarified.com/Di-El/Eating-Disorders.html - 24k -

The costs and causes of low self-esteem
This research review examines what hard evidence exists about the causes of low self-esteem and any effects it might have on psychological and behavioural ...
www.jrf.org.uk/knowledge/findings/socialpolicy/n71.asp - 28k -

Self-Esteem - What Is Self-Esteem?, How Does Self-Esteem Develop?
Low self-esteem is also linked to depression*, poor body image*, ... information on the latest research on self-esteem and its relationship to behavior. ...
www.humanillnesses.com/Behavioral-Health-Sel-Vi/Self-Esteem.html - 17k -

Anorexia nervosa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This includes clinical perfectionism, chronic low self-esteem, mood intolerance ... (2000) Anorexia nervosa and major depression: shared genetic and ...
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anorexia_nervosa - 84k -

Males: Eating Disorders
Research indicates that eating disorders in males are clinically similar to ... Depression, anxiety, and loneliness; Low self-esteem; "People-pleasers" ...
www.edreferral.com/males_eating_disorders.htm - 16k -

Night Eating Syndrome Is Associated with Depression, Low Self ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
depression, low self-esteem, reduced daytime hunger, and ... include morning anorexia, evening hyperphagia, and sleep. disturbances (1). ...
www.obesityresearch.org/cgi/reprint/9/4/264.pdf -

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