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An In Depth Look At The Psychology Of Positive Thinking

from: Jim Holden - staff Writer

Living a happy and successful life is not brought about by luck, but more of a positive attitude towards life. By tapping the positive forces within will enable people to realize all their aspirations in life whether it pertains to success in their work or happiness in their home. All they need to do is to affirm it and they can achieve it. Although this may sound like easier said than done but if we are to carefully think about it a lot of what we are enjoying right now are products of positive thinking.

What makes me say this? For instance the cell phone, which we are using was once thought to be an impossible idea by others but due to the positive attitude of its inventor it is now available for everyone. Just think if the inventor was also a pessimist and then give up on his cell phone idea then we would not have cell phones to this day. This clearly shows that what the mind can perceive the body can achieve.

Positive Thinking to Counteract Negative Forces

Nothing can compare to the joy brought by a healthy and positive life. You always feel happy, lively and you feel like you can conquer the world. You face your future with certainty and hope. You feel thankful to be alive. Life is perfect – GREAT!

However, not everyone is gifted with a perfect life. With all the worries, doubts and fears that people are facing everyday just how can they develop positive thinking? Positive thinking is more of a mind setting, which means that you need to embed in your mind that you are worthy of happiness, have good health and possess capabilities that will bring you success. Though this process you will enhance your power for positive affirmations.

Another term used for positive affirmation is self-suggestion. By means of self-suggestion you can eliminate all those negative feelings that are inhibiting you from developing positive thoughts. Repetitive self-suggestion can help to successfully instill in you positive thoughts.

If you want you may record all your affirmations on a tape and matched it with pleasant instrumental background music. You can listen to it while you are relaxing or while you are driving to work. Playing your positive affirmation recording more often or repetitively can help you to absorb them more effectively and permanently.

Positive Thinking a Self-Indoctrinating Process

In psychology it is said that the mind controls the body, which means that whatever the mind perceives the body will be able to accomplish. So if you can conceptualize success in your mind then that is what exactly your body is going to try attaining. The more positive thoughts that you have the more rewarding results that you are going to obtain.

However it is very important that you should not forget to couple positive thinking with reality. What do I mean by this? Things will not always be in your favor even if you think so positively about them. But your responses to situations that are not in favor of you will greatly affect the effect that it will have on you.

Positive thinking can lessen the devastating effect that unfavorable situations will have on you. So even when things are not going according to your plan you will not lose hope and will continue to pursue whatever it is that you want to achieve.

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