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´╗┐The Power of Positive Thinking By Norman Vincent Peale PDF

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Archive Material

The Power of Positive Thinking written by Norman Vincent Peale is an inspirational book that provides various techniques on how to obtain peace of spirit and mind, how to improved health and how to gain a never-ending stream of energy.

It is stated in the book description that faith in one self can make good things happen. The book also contains various guides on how to develop self-esteem and how to achieve success by means of eliminating worry habits. Likewise, guides on how to attract people, how to avoid extreme nervousness in workplace, building self-confidence that will pave way to reaching goals and many more were discussed in the book.

The Power of Positive Thinking was translated in over forty languages and sold more than twenty-two million copies. The book is unrivaled especially in terms of its power in restoring the weakening faith of millions of people. The Power of Positive Thinking is truly a legacy left by Norman Vincent Peale that will continuously have a positive effect on the life of people around the world.

A Glimpse on the Life of a Great Man

Norman Vincent Peale is considered to be the Champion of Positive Thinking. He was born in Bowersville, Ohio, USA on May 31, 1898. He grew up supporting his family by means of delivering newspapers, selling pots and pans and by working in a grocery store. Who would ever imagine that such a humble young man would later become one of United State's most influential clergymen?

Norman Vincent Peale has gotten his education from Ohio Wesleyan University and Boston University. He also works for Findlay Ohio, Morning Republic as a reporter before he entered the ministry and before he became an author of his forty books. He was ordained as a pastor in the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1922 where he served at various churches.

He later became famous for his sermons especially with the applications of positive approach to modern way of living. And to further reach a great number of people he broadcast his sermons first through radio and then later on by means of the television.

He was able to increase the number of churchgoers from 600 members to 5000 when he finally retired in 1984. This simply goes to show how effective his sermons are in attracting people. He later became the President of the Reformed Church in America (1969 and 1970).

Norman Vincent Peale is not a born positive thinker in fact he confessed that when he was still a young boy he has experienced the worst case of inferiority complex. He said that he developed positive thinking to help himself. And to further empower his teachings in positive thinking he applies Christianity as a means of solving everyday problems.

He also encourages people to pray claiming that positive thinking is another term to mean faith. He also claim that the unconscious mind has the power to turn every man's wishes into realities as long as they strongly believe that it can happen.

The optimistic approach of Norman Vincent Peale in his sermons has attracted a great number of parishioners as well as increases his popularity. His weekly radio program has lasted for 54 years and was broadcasted on NBC. And to reach even more people Peale has mailed his sermons monthly to 750,000 people. His life story was made into a movie entitled One Man's Way.

By the year 1945, Peale together with his wife has started their circulation of their Guideposts magazine, which at present is one of the largest distributed religious magazines. Norma Vincent Peale died on December 24, 1993 at the age of 95. his wife Ruth is continuing the work they began.

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