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Prosperity Tips: 3 Keys to Abundance

from: Momodou Sabally - Guest Author

There are many keys to prosperous living, but the 3-pronged approach I shall call the PAG Effect is a quick game-changer for the willing student of abundance, ready to make a difference in their life and those of their loved ones.

The acronym PAG, stands for Purpose Action (and) Gratitude. To start with, if you want prosperity to show up in your life, then you must start with the intention to live a prosperous life. That means, to live with a sense of PURPOSE in making sure you think thoughts of prosperity, and hence, live the dream; in the words of Descartes "I think therefore I am"!

Truly you CANNOT fill your mind with thoughts of lack and doubt and at the same time manifest the glory of The Most Gracious, God! Think abundance both for yourself and those you come into contact with. There is abundant evidence that thoughts do make physical impressions on people and objects; so given the reality of the scientific law of actions creating reactions as taught by the legendary Albert Einstein, make it a HABIT, to think prosperous thoughts about yourself and those you interact with. The results will amaze you!

It is a fact, incontrovertible, that wishes and desires alone would not bring you results in the real physical world without ACTION. Therefore transform your thoughts into reality by taking the right steps in the right direction of prosperity. The results may not come out in one-to-one proportions for the Divine Grace has a great multiplier effect, but you must do the act to see the effect. It is true that the Good Lord feeds all the beasts of the fields, and the birds of the air neither sow nor reap, but they all must take the step towards the bounty out there in the fields. The bird leaves its nest and flies out to get its food. So do the beasts go out in search of their sustenance. Do not miss this lesson, as a human being blessed with more faculty of reasoning than the rest of creation. Do the part, act for yourself and share the grace by acting and giving out prosperity. Yours would be a result multiplied!

Now to the third key to Prosperity, GRATITUDE. In the Quran Allah tells us in the chapter called Abraham, verse 7, that if we are grateful, He would increase His blessings upon us; the exegetes explain this sense of gratitude to include thankfulness to God as well as humans who may be the vehicles that God uses, sometimes, to extend His Grace to us. So being thankful for gifts of God including the often overlooked blessings of life, breath, health and being able to read this essay itself can be an effective channel for creating and sustaining prosperity in our lives. So let us give thanks and praise to God as often, and as profoundly, as possible and the results will manifest in our lives.

Now go ahead and use the PAG approach to prosperity and abundance and see the result manifest itself in a beautiful, life. Just live it!

Former Presidential Affairs Minister of The Gambia, economist, motivational speaker and author; Momodou Sabally is the Managing Director of Creative Forward Thinkers Media Group as well as Managing Partner and Editor-In-Chief of GLife Magazine. A passionate youth empowerment and leadership expert, Sabally is also the Founder-President of Sabally's Leadership Academy (SLA).

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/expert/Momodou_Sabally/33539

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