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Quotes Relating To Positive Thinking - How these Quotes Affect People!

from: Jim Holden - Staff writer

Positive thinking is not only a state of mind but also a way of life. Positive thoughts help people to achieve their goals, to become happy and to remain healthy. This is because positive thoughts help people to develop an optimistic attitude towards things. Just as what is stated in the old saying, the body can achieve what the mind perceives. This means that you can achieve anything if you have a positive attitude.

Doubts and fears are the worst enemies of positive thinking. Doubts and fears deter the ability of an individual to succeed. This is also one of the reasons why a great number of individuals have sorted to suicide since they feel that theirs is a hopeless case. This could have been avoided if only they have developed a positive attitude towards matters that affects their lives.

How to Develop Positive Thinking?

I always remember what our former rector at school used to say that salvation is the responsibility of each of us. He said that if you want to be saved then you have to do just what is expected from a good Christian. (You may not agree with me since we may not belong to the same sect but...) Same idea goes with positive thinking. Other people just cannot develop the optimistic attitude for you. You have to be the one to develop the optimistic attitude in you.

But how do you do this? Developing a positive attitude is all about mind setting. You have to be always optimistic about things that are happening to you including those negative ones. I know it is easier said than done but with continuous practice you will be able to develop positive attitude.

It would also help if you accompany positive attitude with faith because with God you can do things that you would not dreamt possible. Why you need to have faith? We are only human and sometimes no matter how positive we are there would always be times when fears and doubts sets in. Faith in God can help you during such times.

Knowing that there is someone more powerful than anything else in this world that is helping you can increase hope in you that everything will turn out all right. Pray always because prayers bring in amazing results. It makes you feel more at peace and happier.

Quotes for Positive Thinking

There are lots of sayings or quotes that promote positive attitudes. You may turn to them for inspiration and for courage. Sometimes having attitude building quotes hanged on your walls, pasted on your notebook, inserted in your organizer or placed on top of your table helps to make you feel better.

These quotes increase self-esteem and of course if you have a high self-worth then you will perform better at your work, develop a much favorable relation with others and you will feel much happier. Likewise, quotes for positive thinking also helps in boosting positive attitude. How? These quotes remind you that life is full of possibilities so we should not lose hope.

Here are some quotes created by great people who have weathered out tough times simply by having positive thoughts:

· A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. - By Winston Churchill (an orator, an author and the British Prime Minister during World War II.)

· A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes. - By Mahatma Gandhi (an Indian Philosopher, internationally renowned for his doctrine of nonviolent protest, 1869-1948).

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