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Motivation Provides The Drive To Keep You Going

from: Jim Holden - Staff Writer

Motivation is a term that specifically refers to desire or want. But technically speaking, motivation involves the drive or energy to achieve something. This is the essential element why people become successful. The energy to push through just to attain your goals is very important. The determination to realize your goals even in the midst of difficulties is what you should put into practice at all times – that is if you want to be successful. But of course who would not want to be successful?

Success is within your reach when you have that sense of worth, self-esteem or strength of mind. When you are highly motivated, there's no doubt that you'll be triumphant in any venture you will undertake.

Basically, there are different theories of motivation. These theories of motivation are affected by certain biological factors. These biological factors are the main reason why people act differently. This is what makes a person unique.

Generally speaking, the motivational theories are classified into five major types.

The first one is the behavioral motivation. This theory states that people are motivated because of some biological responses to stimuli. This affects the behavior of a certain individual. This is also known as the instinct theory.

The second one is the cognitive theory. This is associated with the labels that people often use for naming emotions, ideas and behaviors.

The third theory is the psychoanalytic theory. This refers to the behavior that is affected by some biological instincts namely: life and death or sexuality and aggression. This theory is established by Sigmund Freud.

The fourth one is the so-called humanistic theory. This states that the behavior of an individual is affected by different factors such as biology and success. This also discusses the hierarchy of human needs such as the deficiency and growth requirements.

Lastly, the theory called social learning. This discusses that imitating others is one of the vital factors that influences motivation.

Now all these theories of motivation have great influence on how people gets motivated to work, to learn or to accomplish something. Motivation is quite complicated to define. But to make it more understandable to people, psychologists and scientists explain it into two main areas of discussion namely direction of behavior as well as arousal of behavior.

In fact, people who are self-motivated have greater chances to attain success. Because of their positive attitude toward life, particularly when it comes to work and learning, people who are highly motivated are most likely to become successful in any endeavor they take.

Other studies have identified other theories of motivation. Although they maybe different in their areas of discussion, still the fact remains - there are some reasons why people tend to get motivated or not motivated.

While according to some studies, motivation has three elements. These elements are effort, determination and direction. Effort refers to how hard a person tries so as to achieve his goals. Determination is the endurance or how people can endure any hardship just to reach his goals. And direction is what your goals are.

For the most part, these motivational theories have a vital role in the lives of every person. Without motivation, there will be no more successful people in this world. Life could have been so dull. Being motivated is what makes people to keep going.

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