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´╗┐How To Create Motivation At Your Place Of Work!

from: Jim Holden - Staff writer

Are you starting to lose your best employees little by little? Is your workforce not performing the way they used to be despite big compensation and numerous benefits? If you answer "yes" to all these questions, then you might need to reevaluate the kind of motivation that you have in your workplace. That may be the cause of these problems...

Keeping the best employees is hard for companies to do; especially now that there are a lot of competitions out there. Keeping them satisfied to stick with you can be done through proper motivation. How?

1. Add some fun in your workplace.

You need to be aware that people working for you are undergoing a lot of pressure. It may be because of their work or those they are working with. This is why you need to break the ice once in awhile so your employees can relax and let their hair loose for a moment.

You can create a moment where pressures can be released and forget all about work for some period of time. Other examples are random occurrences where people can laugh and forget they are in the office.

To keep your employees happy is one of the secrets in motivating them to continue doing their job well.

2. Adapt to personality differences.

Your employees have their own unique characteristics and personalities. Sometimes, the differences in points of view are resulting to gaps and misunderstandings. As the head of the group, you are capable of building bridges and footholds where your employees can meet on the same level.

Get to know them beforehand so you will have an idea how to appease them. Better yet, you can get them all in an event where you can get to know each other and bond together at the same time.

Bonding together has been an effective form of straightening differences. Up to now, it still is.

3. Give rewards generously.

Rewards should go hand in hand with a work that is well done. Everybody wants to have recognition for work achieved. Give it to them.

Just make sure that you remain fair to whatever judgment you have to make. Do not single out on someone. Consider all of them first before choosing the best one rightful for the rewards.

4. Make room for mistakes.

Your employees are liable to commit mistakes in the course of their job. Try to be lenient and correct them properly if they are done once or twice. Their mistakes are the ones that will help them improve.

Give them the benefit of the doubt and do not judge them too harshly because of the errors that they have done.

5. Respect the independence of your employees.

Employees do not like being told what to do especially if they are already good at it. Being head of team does not give you any right to dictate what they should do because you may not know any better.

Let them be and put your trust in their capabilities. They also deserve the kind of respect that they are bestowing on you.

Practice these motivations in the workplace if you do not have them yet. You will see the positive results that it can bring to you, your employees and the company itself.

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