Which STD Medium Is Suitable For Your Requirement – A Comprehensive Look Up Guide


Getting the right and proper education about the sexually transmitted diseases is a must in the current time. The way it is spreading and transmitting especially among the younger generation has caused havoc in the past few years. Earlier there was a lack of sources to gain the knowledge. However, in this era of the digital world, it is easy to know all about STDs while sitting the comfort of your home through the internet.

Likewise, technological advancement has made it possible to take the test for sexually transmitted diseases from home as well. Although there are different ways to get tested for STDs, visiting the doctor is still the one which is well-known to most of the people. However, due to medical interventions and technological leaps, it is now possible to take medical treatment by seeking help from the internet.

Let us take an insight into different types of STD testing available in today’s date.


Visiting the hospital, looking for the right doctor and consulting with him is indeed the most widely known way but has become outdated with time. Also, it is very daunting and time taking task due to the following reasons-

  • You have to visit the clinic or hospital and take the appointment
  • Give the sample and return home.
  • Go again after a day or two to get the results and consulting with the doctor

The most annoying thing with it is you have to spend time in the waiting room for the doctor and then for your turn. Moreover, eye contact with other visitors and facing awkward conversations with nurses and doctors is also troublesome. Other people sitting may judge and make you feel more uncomfortable at the same time.
Although it seems rational, this method distant most of the people from getting tested regularly for STDs.

Fortunately, there are other ways as well for taking the tests for sexually transmitted diseases. Conducted through remote methods- via phone or internet, these options seem feasible to ponder. They are not only easy and efficient but also guarantee affordable pricing and enough privacy.

Let us find out how they work and what are the pros and cons associated with them.

At home STD Testing

Home is one of those places where we feel the most comfortable and safe. Doing anything in the comfort of those four walls seems easy. The fact becomes especially true when it is about taking an STD test.

Since sexually transmitted diseases are considered very private, it seems far better to take their test in the home only. Modern science has made possible to take the test at home and get an as effective result as it comes in lab testing.

Steps for At-home testing

  1. Perform intense research to find which brand will suit you the best
  2. Watch out for the kit available for your disease and make a purchase
  3. Make sure the kit gets delivered at your home in the least time possible
  4. Read out all the instructions written on the kit as for how to perform it
  5. You perform the test; return the kit with the samples inside. Ensure your sample reaches them in the least time possible.
  6. As soon the samples reach the destination, they are tested
  7. The results are posted online to the private account provided by you.

The tests which are possible to conduct through at-home testing include the following:

  • Blood test- It helps to detect HIV I, HIV II, hepatitis C, herpes II, syphilis.
  • Urine test- It helps to identify STDs like chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas.

The only drawback of taking at-home STD tests is they are expensive as compared to the lab testing. The reason behind it could be the extra charges for shipping and handling. However, the immense benefits it endows are enough to neglect the only drawback it comprises.

If you consider At-home STD testing not very reliable (which they are entirely) then Direct to Lab STD Testing could be your next option. Lab testing is not new. The reason why it has gained so much popularity is there is no involvement of a doctor. Many companies are offering STD testing without a doctor’s prescription.

Steps for Direct to Lab STD testing


  1. Check online and find the companies that offer lab testing
  2. Order the test online which you wish to do
  3. You will receive an order form in your email.
  4. Take the order form, and reach the center close to you and provide your sample.
  5. You will receive the results within 1-2 days on the private online account you have provided.

There are many lab testing centers, so it will not take more than 15 minutes to reach to your closest one. Moreover, if your schedule is tight and you don’t want to wait even for a minute in the testing center, you may take an appointment as well.
The most alluring things with At-Home STD Testing and Direct Lab Testing are you don’t have to face the awkward glance of people in the hospitals. At the same time, if the tests are negative there is no need to go to visit any doctor as well. They not only save your time, maintain your privacy but also ensure effective results.

Which method is more expensive for STD Testing
If we look at the charges for At-home STD tests, they will indeed look high. It is due to their shipping and handling charges. However, when compared this with the visit to the hospitals they will seem less.

If you opt for visiting doctor, you might need to take 2-3 rounds to the hospital- consulting with a doctor, taking the test and showing the reports. However, with At-home STD testing, there is no such hustle.

Likewise, in Direct Lab Testing you only have to visit the lab once. All your reports and results are mailed to your private account.

How much privacy is involved with each method
Visiting the hospital- There is no privacy if you are visiting the hospital, waiting for your turn and encountering different people. In fact, you might end up telling people why you are here and what issues you are dealing with.

At-home Testing- Although taking the test at home seems the most secure option, there are many risks. There are chances your friends or relatives may stumble upon the kit in your trash. The possibility of someone living with getting your mail is also there.

Direct Lab Testing-There are many lab testing centers, and you will be directed to the closest one. It will hardly take 10-15 minutes to reach there and take the test. People will not feel your absence for such a short duration. So it can be considered safest among the three.

Other than this, both At-home testing and Direct Lab Testing are private regarding insurance. So your insurance company will not get the records either of the test or the results.

Accuracy of different methods

Lab tests are considered 100% accurate. They are FDA approved; therefore, there are no chances to doubt the authenticity. Only professionals are employed in the Lab testing centers who have enough experience and knowledge. Consequently the chances of making mistakes seize.

On the other hand, as per the reports, At-home testing has shown false results in rare cases.

If you are getting a false result, you are at more risk. Living with the thought of being STD free might lead you doing unprotected sex which will unknowingly transmit the infection to the other partner. Moreover, you would develop symptoms when the condition will become severe and untreatable.

Which method gives a faster result
Direct Lab Testing scores more points here. You may go to your nearby center whenever you want and get the results within 1-2 days. However, this is not the case with visiting the hospital or At-home Testing.

While visiting the hospital is tedious and time taking, At-home testing requires receiving the kit. It usually takes 2-3 days.

Which method is easy and less time taking

Here again, Direct Lab Testing takes all the score. You only have to wait for five minutes to give your sample in the labs. On the other hand, while visiting the hospital or taking At-home STD test, you require much time.

So concluding all, we can sum up saying that Direct to Lab STD Testing is the easiest, most affordable, highly reliable and quicker to get the results. You need not to worry about privacy and enjoy a carefree life.

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