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Find Your Purpose With Life Coach Courses Online

from: Ken Cunningham - Guest Contributor

While it does sort of come with the territory, there are a great many Christians that find it difficult to talk to people about their problems. This can present a problem when you consider that many people, upon finding out that you are a Christian, believe that you can help them and will come to you with their hearts on their sleeve knowing you will not turn them away. This can be quite the "catch 22" for the new Christian who is shy and inexperienced.

The Spirit is Willing

We all want to help our fellow man when he or she turns to us in need. This is particularly true if you attend AA meetings where people with problems in life skills are more abundant. It is hard to listen to someone with a problem when you know that you are going to fumble through your attempt to help him or her. The spirit, and even the flesh is willing, but the knowledge and finesse are weak. There is something that the new or shy Christian can do to help them help others if that is really what they desire to do, but lack the skills to do it.

Understanding before Helping

Life coach courses online are a great way to build your confidence when it comes to helping people. Let's face it, while God and the Gospel of Christ are the most important things you can share with anyone and everyone, the lessons taught to us in the Bible are sometimes hard to interpret, and even harder to convey. Psychology lessons are a big part of life coach courses online and these will help you to understand the person you are trying to help, which is the most important part of helping them. You have to be able to understand what kind of person it is that is asking for help, understand what motivates them, and understand how to reach them.

The Beauty of Wisdom

Another part of taking life coach courses online is memorizing, understanding, and utilizing the wise quotes about life that are inevitably part of giving examples of whatever particular point you are trying to make. No matter what situation you or someone in need is facing, there have been wise men and women who have already faced it and have come up with wise quotes about life, love, or whatever it is and this wise quote encapsulates the very essence of what needs to be said. That is the beauty of wisdom in quotes; they make sense.

Nothing New Under the Sun

A big part of this is the very fact that there is nothing new under the sun. If you are having a problem, someone else has faced it or something very similar to it either in the distant or not to distant past. This is especially true in a drug rehab center. Each man or woman in a drug rehab center is having problems caused by their addiction that they feel is totally unique to them. This is rarely the case. In fact, more often than not, you could not chuck a rock without hitting someone who is either experiencing the problem now or just finished going through it.

Finding the Path

If you have trouble helping people, taking life coach courses online will help you to articulate the way you need to in order to help your fellow man who cries out for help. It is a wonderful feeling to be the one who helps someone find the correct path. No matter that we act a little put off by the 2am phone call from a struggling friend. Deep down inside we are happy that they called because it is in those moments that we realize what it is God put us here for.

About the Author

Ken Cunningham is an MBA graduate, an active Christian, and one of the writers for the Internet for Christians website.

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