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Life Coach Cumbria Article

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´╗┐The Truth About My Life Coach

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Staff Writer

Do you want to discover who you are? Are you stressed and overwhelmed about the things going on in your life? Do you want to create a better life for yourself and your family? Are you intelligent, resourceful and successful, and yet you seem to have hit a plateau?

Maybe it's time for you to get some help from a professional who truly cares for you; someone who would focus on you; someone who would assist you on your quest toward a better you.

Try My Life Coach!

What is My Life Coach?

My Life Coach is a company that specializes on life or personal coaching and career coaching. It also helps people get started with becoming a life coach themselves.
The company's website offers free personality and career tests, such as the MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory and Firo-B. The site also provides a free consultation.

The company, since its establishment, has helped many individuals seeking life and career improvements, meet a perfect match in the persona of a life coach. The life coach would serve as a professional partner in assisting a person to achieve his/her career and life improving goals. Described as insightful, intuitive, supportive, and logical, My Life Coach's coaching would make you learn more about yourself, as well as help you get results.

Who created My Life Coach?

My Life Coach was created by Michelle Caron, a professional life coach dedicated to aiding individuals like you and me, who want more out of life and career. She together with a group of expert life coaches in, helps people attain the happiness and success that all deserve.

Whom is My Life Coach for?

These are some of the types of clients My Life Coach has:-

1. Top executives
2. Entrepreneurs and businessmen
3. Professionals

What do the clients usually have in common?

1. Most are quite successful.
2. They are open-minded and innovative.
3. They want happiness and fulfillment.
4. They value personal development.

What types of results can be seen in clients?

1. They are happier and less stressed.
2. They now go for their goals and have better relationships with other people.
3. They now know where they should go in their careers and make more money.

How does My Life Coach work?

My Life Coach usually works through the telephone and internet. A coach like Michele Caron usually calls from 30-45 minutes thrice a month, sends unlimited e-mails, and provides short-duration calls as needed. The coach calls so there are no long distance charges to worry about.

The fee ranges from $200-$300 USD per month and can be paid through PayPal or credit card. The commitment depends on you and your coach's agreement, may it be one, three or many months on end.

How do I get started?

Follow these simple steps to experience life changes right away:-

1. Go to the website Read the descriptions of the featured coaches and find one whom you think suits you.

2. Let the life coach know vital information about you, as well as your time zone, preferred schedule, and phone number. Then, wait for the life coach of your choice to get back to you with suggestions on appointment times. The life coach usually offers a free 45-minute preliminary coach session.

There you have it! It is really that easy and simple!

What are you waiting for? Search for now and see results in no time at all!

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