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Life Coach Training - why Not Do It The Express Way!

from: Jennifer C Morton - Guest Writer

Simply put, that's the word "express" for you!

People want everything fast nowadays. For example, we travel using the express way. We eat in fast foods, people withdraw money from a fast teller, and our snail mails have the word "urgent" on them.

But what if you want to be a life coach and fast?

You should try Express Coaching!

What is Express Coaching?

Express Coaching is a life coaching organization that offers career-oriented and state-of-the-art life coach training. The company intends to provide a competitive edge to career-oriented persons with the yearning to enter the professional life coaching arena.

Building a would-be life coach's character is the highest priority of Express Coaching. Its program urges students to meet the top standards of ethical reflection and critical thinking, as well as professional and personal behavior through the practice of a "values-based" approach to life coach training.

Who is the Express Coaching student?

There are several things that would help us pinpoint the Express Coaching student:

· He/she respects other people and himself.

· He/she has a fervent commitment to the life coaching profession.

· His/her way of dealing with others is consistent with the highest standards of the life coaching profession.

As an Express Coach student you will concentrate on using tools, patterns, and strategies proven to assist others before you can become a successful life coach in today's world. Express coach will build on the student's past experiences and skills in a one-of-a-kind program.

What are the features of the Express Coaching program?

Whether one needs to earn extra income or begin a rewarding career professionally and financially – Express Coaching can help a wanna-be to recognize his/her real potential. Courses in Express Coaching are designed such that it can be done at the comfort of one's home to make learning simple and totally flexible. Whatever a person's circumstances are – employed in a company or self-employed, single or with a family to worry about – Express Coaching is sure to match a person's way of life and budget.

Being one of the leaders in the life coaching industry, Express Coaching continually takes on ground-breaking ideas to incorporate into its programs. Its programs can be availed through an online private class or by mail order. One can learn the way as he/she wants it!

Express Coaching's Certification is deeply rooted on so-called Core Competencies and Code of Ethics as recognized by most coaching organizations worldwide, as well as the International Coach Federation.

Express Coaching brings together the main coaching components while assisting its students in increasing their self awareness and confidence so that life coaching is really internalized by each one.

Express Coaching also offers clear and easy to follow practical business planning tips that would definitely help in decreasing the risks involve in starting one's own life coaching business or profession.

The program provides all the materials needed in the course with no hidden or extra costs on the student's part. The entire cost of the program is clearly explained before one begins with the program. Express Coaching offers its students a number of payment options as well as financial assistance.

In Express Coaching, one also has a choice on what kind of coach he/she wants to be. One can have the Master Life Coach designation or the Master Spirit Life Coach. The organization's website discusses comprehensively the kind of training students will have, as well as the electives, non-electives, evaluation, support, and many other things that one can get while studying to become any of the two kinds of coach mentioned above.

Be a Coach Today!
Would you like to help people get more out of their lives?

Be a life coach today! Get your training the fast way

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The video title says in all. How to become a masterful life coach!