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A Coach From God - Meet The Christian Life Coach

from: Valerie Christie - Guest writer

A lot of Christians have an enormous desire to live a better and more God-centered existence. However, in reality, many Christians make a great effort to put into practice what they know they should do to no avail. As the Bible puts it, a man’s spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

What can be done then? Is there any hope for the distressed Christian believer?

Fortunately, there are things that a Christian can do.

For starters, a Christian can turn to God for help. The individual can always pray for His guidance and the power to transform his or her life. God however requires his followers to do their part, so therefore if a Christian wants to reach maturity, he or she should exert a good deal of effort.

This is where Christian life coaching comes in.

The new concept of Christian life coaching can help the believer reach the grand goal of Christian development and discipleship through the support and assistance of a Christian life coach. Christian life coaching will enable a person to freely bring in God in the planning and progress of one’s values and goals, while relating these to one’s health, family, career, retirement, and any other aspect of one’s life that may be brought to the coach’s attention.

What sets apart a Christian life coach from a secular life coach?

There are many differences between Christian life coaching and secular coaching. Besides the difference in the meanings of the word “Christian,” which refers to anything connected with Christ, and the word “secular,” which refers to nothing divine or religious. Let’s take a look into a few.

1. Unlike most secular life coaches who are trained not to get across their own morals during their sessions with their clients, many Christian life coaches are given the freedom to speak about God's gospel, and how it can be applied to their clients’ life.

2. A secular life coach need not refer to the Bible in order to coach effectively. The Christian life coach, however, has to have some working knowledge of the Bible although he/she doesn’t have to know it word for word or even commit to memory verses. Christian life coaches are provided with all the resources they would need in their manuals, in order for them to be equipped with materials to support their clients. Thus, have all the information necessary to assist others in achieving a meaningful existence and a rich life.

3. Secular coaching focuses on worldly affairs and relies on the client's self-motivated goals. Christian coaching, however, has Jesus Christ as the center of everything.

4. In Christian coaching, a three-way interrelationship exists among the coach, his or her client, and the Holy Spirit. Secular coaching, on the other hand, involves a partnership between the coach and his or her client.

What are the benefits of working with a Christian life coach?

Here are some of the benefits a client may enjoy if he/she will work with a Christian life coach:

1. He or she will gain a better insight about the actions they can take to triumph over critical situations and challenges.

2. He or she will be able to lessen stress, frustration, and anxiety around challenges, issues, and changes at work, in their relationship with other people and the environment.

3. There will be an improved clarity and focus around what brings him or her happiness and fulfillment and they will always be able to find ways to include these persons and things into their lives
4. From an "I can't" frame of mind, the client will move to the "I can" disposition.

5. They will have an increased enthusiasm to take the responsibility of getting what they want to be accomplished.

6. They will take care of themselves better and make good decisions that are related to how they manages their health, energy exhaustion, etc!

7. A client will have a new understanding of "retirement" that is appropriate to the changes during the 21st century, as well as a fuller, deeper, and passionate plan for this stage of their life.

8. They will gain a partner who has their interests in focus, is a best friend and a cheerleader helping them to achieve their life goals.

A Christian life lived well can be great. Why not start working towards a better Christian life today, and find a Christian life coach on the web now.

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