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Singabloodypore - Stability as a Function of its Openness ...
meaning when fatness increase, initially happiness will decrease, but when it reaches a certain level of fatness(relatively a lot as compared to the ...
singabloodypore.blogspot.com/2006/10/stability-as-function-of-its-openness.html - 91k -

Cholesterol and triglycerides
Cosmopolitan people prefer a lean body structure without any fatness. ... Discover health and happiness with peace of mind and proper treatment. ...
www.chennaionline.com/health/Homoeopathy/2005/07homoeo49.asp - 116k -

The Writing Program - Course Collection System
... especially ideas taken for granted by society about the relations between fatness, happiness, health, and morality. Writing includes keeping a journal, ...
fusion.sas.upenn.edu/cwp/ccs/query_results.php?term=2007A&prog=CRIT&conj=and&first_row=1 - 26k -

Comments on 13273 | Ask MetaFilter
... they were given a clean bill of health (except for the fatness) right before ... As for fat happiness, I'm only really concerned for the health of the ...
ask.metafilter.com/mefi/13273 - 34k -

- Health & Society -
... society (especially the biomedical culture, as it extends into the community) about the relations between food, fatness, happiness, health and morality. ...
ccat.sas.upenn.edu/hsoc/courses.html - 107k -

shin-salim on deviantART
Trembling I lay asleep, with Happiness unclear. William had taught to be so, ... "When Power Fails Fatness Prevails!" ~pitkon Feb 22, 2006, 2:33:23 AM ...
shin-salim.deviantart.com/ - 27k -

[ flagrant disregard ]
with less than 24 hours until homework is due, by gosh, the answer was found in the mud at balboa park: i experienced happiness (fatness) today when [not ...
www.anorexorcism.com/flagrant/2005_03_01_splink_archive.html -

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