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Harvard Gazette: Faking happiness for fun and profit
You can be happier at work if you smile more, even if you have to fake it. Suppressing anger and other negative feelings, on the other hand, leads to less ...
www.hno.harvard.edu/gazette/2003/01.23/13-smile.html - 18k -

Relax, Be Yourself, Get On With It
People will appreciate my sadness if I am sad, my happiness if I am happy, my anger if I am mad. Fake an emotion and they will know it. I am not an actor, ...
www.soloperformer.com/performance/stage.html - 10k -

Faking happiness for fun and profit
Business professors studied 103 working college students to learn about their emotions while on the job. They found that employees who smiled more and ...
www.researchmatters.harvard.edu/story.php?article_id=576 - 12k -

The Thoughts and Words of a Canadian Poet
The happiness you're faking The emptiness you're making I've gotta craving once again I've gotta craving once again Can't get the thought of you outta my ...
ito-poems.blogspot.com/ - 94k -

Faking happiness at work can make you ill -- Duke 332 (7544): 747 ...
Psychologists working at the University of Frankfurt am Main have been looking at jobs that demand a high level of fake happiness. ...
bmj.bmjjournals.com/cgi/content/extract/332/7544/747-b -

Seriously, though, one guy caught faking abuse doesn't mean all the abuse is fake. ... This is their chance to clap their hands with giddy happiness and run ...
timblair.spleenville.com/archives/006726.php - 43k -

Faking happiness makes you sad
Faking Happiness Makes You Sad. Study reports being courteous to rude people no matter what can cause damage. By Stacey Burling ...
www.paccc.ca/Public/General%20Public/News%20and%20Views/Faking%20happiness%20makes%20you%20sad.htm - 17k -

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