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RAYMOND LAM FUNG!! ::Eternal happiness subtheme lyrics translation ...
The ending theme to Eternal Happiness is nice and mellow and sweet. The song is called Remember to Forget. If you would like to listen to the song, ... - 13k -

Music Program Notes - S
The music gains momentum, and combined themes lead to a climax. ... Alfonso, torn between his son's happiness and the political realities of the time, ... - 45k -

TVB: Eternal Happiness
Eternal Happiness theme song: Kelly Chen Eternal Happiness (Sub): Raymond Lam. Kelly's Rating: * * * * * (Scale of 5). Screenshots (TVB Copyrighted). ... - 20k -

Telegraph | News | C of E school slaps a ban on 'Imagine'
A church of England primary school has dropped John Lennon's song Imagine from a ... world and it expresses what a lot of people want - eternal happiness. ... - 32k -

AsianFanatics Forum > Raymond's Theme songs
I have most of his theme songs, he also did the Eternal Happiness Sub Theme, Stolen Love, A Taste of Love and Twins of Brothers, and i'd personally like to ... - 22k -

Pathways to Perfection
Another formula for failure comes from the more recent song, "Don't worry; be happy!" Our theme for this evening, "Stand Ye in Holy Places," is more ...,5232,49-1-266-40,00.html - 33k -

AsianFanatics Forum > Themesongs
my favourite theme songs r : *charmaine sheh - maidens vow * the academy * kelly chen - eternal happiness * stephy tang - love guaranteed ... - 27k -

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