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´╗┐Much Needed Characteristics To Achieve Successful Teens Goal Setting

from: Valerie Christie - Guest Writer

One of the most important things that teenagers must learn is how to set their own goals. From childhood they already have in their mind what they wanted to become when they grow up. But goal setting attitude and discipline should be initiated at home and school. As a parent and teacher, it is your responsibility to prepare a child and a student for school and career.

The more aware your child is in understanding what are the goals that should be prioritized, the more choices s/he can have. As s/he enters the teenage years, s/he should know how to set his or her own goals. This will give your child the advantage s/he needs as s/he prepares him/herself to the real world ahead.

Teenage goal setting, therefore, is very important since having such knowledge would be the starting point for your child to set his/her own dreams in his/her life.

Here are some characteristics that your teen should have which will be useful in keeping his/her goals achievable. Your task is to keep expose your teen to activities that would develop these characteristics:

1. Positive Outlook. Teenagers acquire their attitude about self-worth from what the parents and their friends say about them and how to act toward them. Teenagers must understand their confidence as they mature. As a parent and teacher, you must, by words and actions, tell your teen that must treat him/herself wit importance. Set the goal to build a positive self-image. The words and actions that come from you as a parent and a teacher is very vital since you are your teen's role model.

2. Sense of Dependence and Independence. You as parent need to guide your teen and let him/her learn how to be dependent to God. They must understand that in life, a situation will come where God is the only one who can provide solution and that they need to depend on Him. As your teen grows old, you should also teach him/her how to be independent. Time will come when s/he will become parent. Thus, as good people s/he should stand by him/herself and be on his/her own. But this doesn't mean that you won't be there to help your child. It is still important to guide and advice him/her whenever s/he needs such.

3. Accountability for Actions and Consequences. Let the child understand that they are accountable in any every action they make (so with the consequences of these action). Knowing this will give your teen a positive character. To make him/her aware of this, you as a parent and teacher should act as a role model of responsibility. Every child, in one way or another, will encounter problems in his/her life. Sometimes, lessons are hard and painful but let your child understand accepting the responsibility of his/her every action will make him a better person.

These are just some characteristics your teen should develop in order to make him/her a good goal setter.

Your teen must recognize and embrace their potentials and use them for their own betterment. Potentials should neither be dissipated nor wasted, rather, it is to be encouraged and nurtured. They should explore many options. Young people who live on purpose and developed by, through goal-directed behavior will have a greater chance of developing this mindset. It is this thinking that will help your teen to become high-achievers.

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