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The Different Elements of Business Goal Setting

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Archive Material

What does it mean when businessmen talk about "the big picture"? People hear this phrase all the time, and yet some still do not know what it means. Well, in business, the "big picture" refers to the long-range plans of a company. In business, goal setting is very important. An entrepreneur needs to know exactly where he or she intends to take a business.

Business goal setting is very important because it forms the framework for all of a company's future activities. Every activity of the company must be directed towards the accomplishment of the business goal. Business goal setting helps a company gain a better perspective regarding what to do and when to do it. Business goal setting helps a company make efficient use of its resources by making sure that all efforts made are made towards the accomplishment of the goal.

What are the different elements that people consider in business goal setting?

1) Strengths – this element of business goal setting is the inherent potential of a company to do great things. It encompasses the different abilities and advantages that a company possesses. In business goal setting, people should consider how to best use a company's strengths in order to achieve success. In doing so, they will be able to set a goal that is achievable. The strengths of a company should be able to overcome any threats and should compensate for any weaknesses.

2) Weaknesses –this element of business goal setting encompasses the different attributes of a company which may cause its failure in achieving a goal. By including this element in business goal setting, people achieve a balanced view of the company. This means that they will be able to judge best whether or not a company can reach a certain target.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. By examining the different weaknesses of a company, people can determine what sort of goal would not put too much pressure on those weaknesses and cause the collapse of the whole company.

3) Opportunities –business goal setting involves taking account of the business elements which no person has any control over. While a company can adjust its strengths and weaknesses, no one can truly predict the elements that come from outside the company.

In business goal setting, people must take note of any available opportunity in order to take advantage of them. A company's strengths would be wasted if people did not know how to make use of those strengths properly. By examining the different opportunities available, entrepreneurs can make sure that a company's strengths are used in the most efficient manner possible; with minimum effort and maximum effect.

4) Threats – of course, entrepreneurs also cannot control the different threats in the environment. If a company fails to act properly, threats in the environment can quickly decimate the whole business. Examining threats is a part of business goal setting simply because of the fact that it allows people to think of ways to react properly to any threat that they encounter.

A deep understanding of the threats to a business also helps people gain the knowledge needed to turn those threats into opportunities. It helps them to understand how to use their strengths in order to turn those threats around. It helps them to plan. Ultimately, this is what business goal setting is all about.

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