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Five Ways That Running Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

from: Guest Contributors - Finer Minds

If you are like many people, the New Year came with new resolutions some of which involve personal changes, and others involve career adjustments.

Maybe you planned to start living healthy from now going forward, to get married, or to go back to school. But let's face it: These resolutions are not the easiest to accomplish. They are marred by laziness, internal and external challenges, as well as by procrastination challenges.

So is there anything you can do to help you achieve most, if not all of your resolutions! Of course, there is: Running.

Here are some of the ways through which running can help you achieve your goals.

1. It makes you proactive

Running is more of a today thing than a one-day thing. On to your marks, get set, run! There is no time to think of procrastinating or to consider your chances of failure.

At that time, all you think about is running and running only. That proactive attitude is what lacks in many people with big dreams. If you can approach all your life goals with the immediacy of running, you will succeed in almost every task you set your mind on.

2. It teaches you how to plan

To succeed in running, planning is fundamentally important.

Think of running a marathon, for example. You start by planning your training sessions: running shoes, training, budget, timetable, and such things. From there, you plan on how you will achieve a mileage base, maybe to join a running club or to hire a professional coach to help you with your fitness.

Before signing up for the marathon, you probably will have run several short distance races. After signing up for it, you plan on how you to break the entire distance into short portions so as not to run out of gas mid-race.

In a nutshell, running is the biggest planning test anyone can encounter in life. You will be a better planner after running a marathon, regardless of how you will perform at it.

If you bring the running analogy to other life goals, you definitely will succeed at them. Just like you broke down the running procedure into smaller, manageable bits, break down your one-year weight loss program into weekly or monthly bits.

If you wish to be CEO one day, break down that vision into smaller bits, e.g., pursuing another degree, attending leadership conferences, and mentoring your juniors.

3. It teaches you to amplify your strengths and be independent

Running is more of an individual effort than team performance. When in the race, all you care about is to get to the finishing line. It requires you to summon every shred of strength in you in order to finish, without expecting any help from anybody.

Concentration becomes your only companion; you inspire yourself and do things to the best of your ability. You don't have time for naysayers.

If you have been failing at your goals because of minding too much of what people will say, running a marathon will teach you to ignore them. If you fail because of over-depending on your colleagues, friends, or family, running will teach you how to rely on your own strengths.

4. You learn to own up your mistakes

If you fail to get to your intended speed or distance while running, who do you blame! You just have to own up and admit where you messed up.

That's pretty much what you need to do whenever you fail at your resolutions. If you swore to stop drinking but you somehow cannot honor that resolution, you always find excuses by blaming other people.

You can blame your partner for stressing you out, your friends for influencing you negatively, or your boss for pissing you off and therefore forcing you back to drinking. But with running, you get accountable to your own self. That's precisely what you need to do for all other resolutions.

5. It teaches you that failure, after all, isn't a reason to quit

After months of practice, you may fail to complete that marathon. But before you start hating yourself for it, you look at yourself in the mirror and alas!

You have shed off several pounds as a result of the vigorous training you undertook before the marathon. At that point, you realize that even though you failed at the bigger resolution, you still have some positives to write home about. That should motivate you to try new challenges because even if you fail at them, you will still have gained a thing or two in the process.

Did you pursue a degree but your boss refused to give you a raise! Don't worry because, after all, you got a degree.

The post 5 Ways Running Can Help You Achieve Your Goals appeared first on FinerMinds.

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