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´╗┐Thoughts on Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence"

from: Jim Holden - Staff writer

Daniel Goleman's Emotional Intelligence publication has certainly opened a lot of eyes. There was a time when people thought that emotion was the direct opposite of rational thought, but because of the excellent book on emotional intelligence by Daniel Goleman, people are beginning to think less about thoughts, and more about feelings.

"Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman may at first seem to look like one of your average shiny self help books, and this is especially the case in the part about "How to be more effective and get a promotion". This particular part manages to get under a person's defenses, and attempts to attract people with the prospect of money.

However this does accomplish so much more than just take your cash. Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence" asserts that a person's ability to cope with emotions, both their own and those of other people, determines their life as much as their IQ does.

The value which we place on so called rational thought, is also called into question. We used to believe that the only way to arrive at the correct decision in life was to think without emotions, and we used to consider emotions as being the bane of rational thinking. However because of Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence", we have shifted our perceptions, and we have begun to understand the fact that we need to include our emotions when making our decisions.

One assertion that Goleman makes is the fact that emotional intelligence is not fixed from birth. It can be nurtured or lost during the course of one's life,and this is because of the fact that emotional intelligence mainly comes from a person's experiences in life. As people have observed this is actually quite true, as a person's ability to cope with emotions is actually determined by the different emotional situations that he or she has faced in life.

In Daniel Goleman's "Emotional Intelligence", it is said that there are certain abilities which are essential to living, that can be attributed to emotional intelligence:

Self Awareness:- This is the ability of a person to truly assess themselves. Many people do not realize that we often blinded to our own shortcomings, but a person with the right emotional intelligence will not be blinded by their emotions, but will be able to detach their emotions from their thoughts.

Impulse control:- A person's emotional intelligence determines their ability to control impulsive actions. Having proper emotional intelligence, means that they can control the feelings that cause these impulsive decisions, and think things through rationally.

Sociability:- A person's ability to interact socially is also highly affected by his or her emotional intelligence. This is because of the fact that emotional intelligence does not only involve a person's own emotions, it also involves understanding the emotions of other people. We all know how important social interaction can be in life, so a person with the right emotional intelligence can get ahead just by knowing the right people.

Daniel Goleman's "Emotional intelligence" is a work which is designed to change the viewpoint of humanity. It does appear to be a back drop for a get rich quick scheme at some points, but it does make some very valid arguments as well. It shows us for example, just how much damage we have caused to our lives, by pointedly ignoring the value of our emotions over the years. Hopefully therefore it is just the first step to truly changing our lives for the better.

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