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´╗┐Free Sample Dissertations On Emotional Intelligence Lessons

from: Valerie Christie - Guest Writer

The current trend shows that we are moving towards the complete acceptance of emotional intelligence concepts into our schools. Many are now viewing learning institutions as an organic environment, where players and actors all play to interact with each other. In this process they become either productive or not, as the case may be, within this environment.

This situation is well accepted by those who intend to increase the capacity and increase the efficiency of learning institutions for wholesome learning. To adopt completely the functional environment which a living organism has, advocates of this principle emphasize the value of daily negotiations, and also internal communication within the circle of those involved in the system of schools.

Schools are known to contribute greatly to the development of a person's individuality, because in truth, this is the sight of first exposure to the realities of life, which will further be used during later years.

Although schools may be well established institutions, they still lack systematic methodologies that will improve those specific skills which are closely associated with emotions, and also emotional intelligence.

While many are yet to find the techniques of integrating teachings on emotional intelligence in schools, it is pretty obvious that a knowledge of such deep values, will not just help a learning institution in helping people learn, but will also create better individuals.

Instructions on emotional intelligence are relatively new techniques though, and therefore there are no perfect approaches in this field. Many resources are still unavailable, and even the systems of education to be used are yet to be perfected. Many instructors therefore, set out to find assistance from free sample dissertation on emotional intelligence from the Internet, because of this situation.

The internet as we know it, is a large market for both free and paid resources, and it is no coincidence that many researchers and authors choose to publish their dissertation on emotional intelligence online for free. These mediums of instructions are very helpful to us, in discovering new models and approaches to teaching emotional intelligence.

It is fairly obvious that many learning institutions fail to recognize emotional intelligence as a vital part in creating more well developed individuals. Many underlying methods of instruction on the current educational paradigm, choose to ignore the worth EQ might contribute to the increase of intelligence in students.

In fact if we were to observe closely, we would find that many accepted standards actually result in the exact opposite of the standards which emotional intelligence promotes. Instead of increasing group coordination and social interaction, many school activities instead tend to focus on individual competition. However it should be understood that to create a well rounded individual, a contribution of parts and methods from other viewpoints, should be made.

Sample analysis like these may be found in free dissertation on emotional intelligence, and such resources will supply data and information on a school based teaching of emotional intelligence.
Although it is not impossible to teach emotional skills in school, it amounts to almost the same as teaching logic or mathematics, only that it must be given specialized treatments.

Such attempts would challenge the basic paradigms such as the examples provided above however, and so the pressure is put on to the instructors. They need to be well equipped with the techniques and the skills to decide what will work for specific groups of students, and what will prove to be detrimental.

In the end, it is possible that by means of information gathered from dissertations on emotional intelligence, systems might change in these long established institutions, from which we have learned the earliest lessons that life has to teach us.

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