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´╗┐Some Good Reasons For Teaching Emotional Intelligence

from: Valerie Christie - Guest Writer

Many experts today are teaching emotional intelligence. People now go to seminars and take classes, and in fact generally pay a lot of cash to listen to someone teaching about emotional intelligence.

However one cannot help but ask about the reasons for all of this. Why is it that there are people who are focused in teaching about emotional intelligence!

People do want to learn Of course, this reason is most certainly at the core of teaching emotional intelligence, because at the end of the day, who will be willing to teach it if there's no one who wishes to learn about it!

We are occupied in teaching about emotional intelligence simply because people want to know more about it. They may believe that learning about it can greatly improve their lives, and they also may want to learn about it, simply because of the fact that it presents new possibilities for them. Whatever is the case, there would be no one teaching about emotional intelligence if there was no one willing to learn.

Of course this aspect includes the financial benefits of teaching about emotional intelligence, and since people are willing to learn about the subject, they are willing to pay to study. Teaching about emotional intelligence has turned out to be a very profitable business.

It does involve a change in perspective - At the heart of every person teaching about emotional intelligence, there is a soul who wants to change the world, and nowadays there are not many things that can do that. The progress of knowledge has accelerated to a point that people are very rarely surprised by new ideas.

This contradicts the fact that we live in a world ruled by change. Change is a part of our reality, and although some may shun change, our reality demands it. We need change in order to grow, and We need change in order to survive, but because of technology, it seems that there may now be nothing left that can change our world for the better. It seems that the only change we can now expect will come in the form of our complete extinction.

Emotional intelligence, however, involves a new frontier in education. Those who are teaching about emotional intelligence find themselves facing a whole new trove of ideas, but because of emotional intelligence, they are faced with the prospect of actually being able to change lives. This is a very appealing incentive to a teacher.

It is a learning process - Teaching about emotional intelligence also involves learning, and even the teachers find that there are still things about emotional intelligence that they do not know anything about. Through teaching about emotional intelligence, they are faced with problems which are seeking solutions, and accordingly they are able to improve their lives by helping to improve the lives of others.

The human race constantly seeks knowledge, because it is through knowledge that we succeed in attaining progress. Teaching is one of the few professions that enable someone to continue on the quest for knowledge, while at the same time imparting what they have learned themselves.

Teaching about emotional intelligence also allows teachers to explore their own ideas, and through teaching about emotional intelligence, they are also able to examine themselves, and unlock mysteries about thir personalities. They are able to impart a great gift to their students because of this.

These are just some of the reasons for teaching about emotional intelligence. Imparting knowledge is the reason why man has reached the level of civilization that we enjoy today, and through teaching about emotional intelligence, we are trying to ensure that this knowledge stays intact for many generations to come.

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