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´╗┐Testing And Studying Creativity Thinking

from: Marie Kearney Gordon - Guest Writer

Not every student is expected to agree to tests that require them to use their creative faculties, mostly because some find it rather tedious and time consuming. Testing has been found to be an effective way to measure a person's thinking style and creativity however, although it does not guarantee accuracy.

Creativity is a concept that is a general concept, and whose definition may vary depending on culture, or background and political and economic orientation, and therefore it is something that is hard to calculate.

Testing however, gives us at least an idea of where a particular person's creativity lies, so instead of groping around in the dark, testing allows us to make intelligent assessments on an individual's style and preferences. If we execute them fairly and explain the merits of learning to think creatively, people will have valid reasons to undertake testing willingly.

Here are some examples of creativity tests that have been employed through the years.

- Draw the opposite

Students are asked to draw a one inch figure next to a test concept or word, that is represented by the opposite of the highlighted word. This test pushes creativity as it makes use of our imagination and knowledge.

- Essay test

Essays can help examiners study creative thinking, or they may hole in directly on knowledge and memory. Questions are asked to allow the test taker to use his problem solving skills and imagination.

- Flexibility tests

Higher points are given to those answers that are most unusual or least expected, but still considered to be correct. Students should be informed beforehand how they are going to be graded.

- Write the opposites

Similarly to the draw the opposites tests, students are asked to write down the opposite of a particular word next to it. Researchers have shown that people who are extremely creative, have the ability to come up with answers more quickly than the average creative thinkers.

- Word and image matching

Place a small group of figures in the test, and ask the students to match words with the image that are a best fit with those words

- Multiple choice tests

Multiple choice tests are rather tedious to undertake. because you have to come up with a number of items for just one question. However it can serve as a good measure of a person's creativity, if you ask him instead to select the wrong item from the choices, and see how fast he or she responds to it.

- Short answer and definition

This test does not really measure creativity, because students are merely asked to write down short descriptions of a certain term. However it becomes a creativity gauge, if they are asked to jot down the opposite meaning of the given term.

- Fluency test

Ask students to answer a question that has more than one right answer, and grade them according to the uniqueness of their responses and how many alternative answers they can come up with. Test takers may also be asked to rank their answers according to their degree of correctness, in their perception.

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