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´╗┐What Is The Creativity Portal

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Archive Material

Taking out all the frills and going for the shortened version, the Creativity Portal is a Web site often frequented by writers, artists, and creativity enthusiasts. They are searching for resources on creativity, project and inspirational prompts, life coaching insights, and the like.

It is a haven for a plethora of materials and resources to help just about any creative person awaken his or her inner muse, if it is dormant, or enhance it further, if it is already working.

The Creativity Portal provides hundreds of articles and subjects that aid in a person's personal creativity expression and exploration. At the same time it cares for and promotes his or her unique and individual traits, and it could reasonably be said that there is something for anybody and everybody on this Website.

The Creativity Portal was launched in the year 2000, and has since served as an inspirational tool for many people. and it has also been featured both online and in print in such publications as Writer's Digest and Imagine.

This is primarily because of its commitment to the building of close relationships with people who are passionate about all kinds of writing, art and creativity channels. Web users may log into the site for free, and avail themselves of its free newsletter every month in order to get updated on the latest happenings and offerings.

Since the Internet is fast turning into the communication resource and information medium of choice for many people, the Creativity Portal represents the best of the best in terms of thrust and content. While there are many other Web sites that also offer the same thing, that is, helping people boost their creativity and hone their senses, Creativity Portal presents us a little something extra by being a one-stop shop for all inspirational needs.

This is why it has become popular to artists and writers in the five years it has been in existence. Not many Web sites have achieved such a huge following, and in fact it has become so reliable a resource, that a 2006 Pearson Merrill Prentice Hall published textbook, titled Web-based Learning Design Implementation and Evaluation, by Karen Rasmussan and Gayle Davidson Shivers, has featured it.

Also because of its continuing commitment to helping people awaken their creative spirits, and boost their inner voices, it won't come as a surprise to anyone that the Creativity Portal will continue to thrive and also survive for many years more.

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