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´╗┐Some Common Myths About Creativity

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Archive Material

Almost all office mission statements nowadays emphasize the need to possess excellent creative abilities, in order to mould the workplace into as near perfection as possible. All human resources departments include creativity in their list of qualifications for hiring, even though the term 'creativity' is actually rather a vague one, especially when we really dig deeper into the matter.

It is the case that creativity is an all too encompassing and abstract term, which is difficult to define in a universal sense. It can only be more directly identified when placed against specific concepts, such as advertising creativity or artistic creativity for example.

Despite all the attention given to this idea over the centuries however, very little is know about the daily and indeed innovative movements that have happened through the years. What caused them exactly, and where did any novel or breakthrough ideas spring from, and what traits exactly did the person who came up with them have.

It might also have been asked what kind of environment supported this kind of innovative and imaginative thinking, and how was it born or stimulated! In the quest toward finding the real meaning of creativity and what it entails, we are left with more questions than answers sometimes.

In spite of the presence of different schools of thought on the subject however, there are misconceptions about creativity that are very common to most people. We will discuss these so called creativity myths in brief here.

1. Only the creative and artistic types have creativity!

Man is born with the capacity to think rationally, and the ability to make his own decisions, so given this fact, it certainly follows that he or she also has the power to create or to be creative. Creativity is not just limited to people who can mix colors and paint beautiful frescos, or those who can string words together to come up with moving scripts or stories and poetry. Anybody can be creative, but the question lies not on whether we have it, but on how we cultivate it (which is a different story, altogether).

2. Pressure leads to creativity!

The more the mind is pressured, the more it feels stifled and restricted, so therefore creativity should not be bounded by time or space, because it has to be able to move around freely. How can one's creative faculties come up with innovative ideas and concepts if they are confined to particular set of rules!

3. Competition is better than collaboration!

Whether a certain endeavor is achieved via competition or via collaboration does not really matter,as one is not really better than the other. The objective of creativity is to think up and perform something novel or unique, something that has never been done before, or something that would introduce new meaning to mundane things.

To sum up, achieving creativity is accomplished by coming to terms with one's limitations, and learning to make the most out of the little that is available to us to come up with something that is new and extraordinary. It should not be limited by any factor however, otherwise it would not be able to spread its wings and grow.

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