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´╗┐Creativity In The Workplace

from: Jim Holden - Staff Writer

Creativity in the workplace is certainly not only about decorating your office or your cubicle with the best colors, or perhaps arranging the furniture according to your own personal tastes. It is also about the atmosphere within the Company as it were, which can make you and your colleagues more productive and efficient, and therefore more creative.

You could have a "suggestions system" developed, so that whoever is in charge of that particular department will be able to consider any creative ideas. That having been said, a "suggestions system" should be able to reach every employee in all of the locations operated by the Company. It should also be user friendly and easy to understand, and not over complicated because of forms and red tape.

Once it is in place, there should be a number of selected employees per department, to arrange to meet up on a monthly basis to study the new ideas. After this has been done, they should also produce a report regarding any progress which has been made with any creative ideas which have been suggested in the past. The selected team should also have the power to give rewards to those employees who came up with creative ideas that had a very positive impact on the Company.

Developing a Company atmosphere that promotes creativity as a commodity of considerable value, is not as difficult as you might think. An employee's computer is most definitely an important asset, but you must not neglect the fact that so is his or her brain. The senior management in the Company should always be prepared to support those employees who really want to work on developing new products and ideas.

If you are a member of the senior management, you cannot just sit back on your laurels while your employees do the development work. You should be prepared to look at moving your employees around different departments within the Company, in order to be able to develop good communication patterns to avoid lethargy and complacency setting in.

Implementing this not only increases the chances that they will come up with new ideas, but that they will also make new friends into the bargain. So either way it is a win win situation for the Company, in the majority of such cases.

Your employees can also observe their fellow employees while working to be able to be more constructive. You could also arrange for a Company retreat, so that your employees can talk to one another informally, and share information with one another. Interaction and communication are very important, because creative actions do not develop in a vacuum, but rather because of efficient teamwork.

The prospect of giving rewards has been mentioned, but you ahould keep in mind that these rewards should never be monetary rewards. You must never impose a "culture of creativity" resulting in your employees giving you quite a number of creative ideas just to get a financial bonus.

However, once certain creative ideas are outstandingly successful, that is when you can monetarily reward your employees, and show them that their effort and hard work to becoming successful paid off, instead of hindering them in acheiving their success. If your Company does not have the tools nor the facilities to develop a certain idea, allow your employee to take their idea someplace else, where his or her idea is certain to be developed.

To be creative in the workplace is not so difficult! All it takes is some open mindedness and patience, and sparks of talent and skill, and everything else which is necessary to being creative, follows on from there.

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