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´╗┐Creativity Exercises - The Creative Genius in You

from: Jennifer Morton - Guest Writer

The world nowadays is just brimming with the latest forms of technology. Students doing research for instance, would rather surf the World Wide Web than manually flip the pages of an encyclopedia.
Those who want to keep notes of their professor's lectures, would rather just hit the keyboard of their laptops than use the traditional method of pen and paper. Nowadays people do rely so much more on technological advances, than they did in previous generations.

Did you know however, that you actually already possess the finest computer ever made! You might not have known this, but your brain is actually one if not the best, of the greatest computers ever designed. It has everything you seek in a regular computer, with its ability to classify and differentiate pieces of information, and the speed and the size of its "hard disk" are more than you can probably ever comprehend.

It may well be the case that despite this revelation, you can still sometimes notice that you tend to leave that precious brain of yours in an idle mode. You need to exercise your brain to make it more productive again therefore, if necessary, by dragging yourself out of your comfort zones, and exercising and stimulating your brain in order for you to be able to be more creative in your life.

The new connections your brain makes will simultaneously cause neurons to flow, thus increasing your willingness and your capacity to think and act in ways that are deemed to be uncommon.

Stretch exercises for instance, are creativity exercises that are purposely designed to stimulate your brain, challenge you with regard of your habits, and increase your sense of humour to such an extent that you will probably laugh as hard as you have ever done.

These creativity exercises are actually just simple and uncomplicatedtasks that you can perform almost anywhere, from your workplace to your house, and many creativity exercises are exercises which you can do even when you are just sitting down.

At this point you might well be wondering just what kinds of exercises these various creativity exercises are, and therefore it is appropriate that we go in to more detail in the following paragraphs.

To try and give you an example of this, take your watch and try wearing it on your other wrist. After you have done this, you will start to imagine different things, such as thinking that one of your wrists is bigger than the other for example, and after the change over, try and keep it on your other wrist for a whole day.

It is almost a racing certainty, that you would be itching to switch it back to your other wrist. This is a simple example of removing yourself outside of your established comfort routines, and by doing so you have stimulated your brain to be even more creative!

You could do just one creativity exercise daily, or you could also do many if you prefer to, but whichever option you choose, it is guaranteed that you will think in new directions, and therefore see things in a different perspective. These changes that you will have made are sure to make you enjoy life more.

The whole point of engaging yourself in creativity exercises is to be more open and accepting to different possibilities which surround you, and these exercises will also teach you to be less reliant on your old style of working, and your established habits and routines. Having an open and creative mind is always sure to offer you better solutions in your life.

To be able to be creative is a right given to you at birth, because you were brought into this world with all the tools and all the potential to be able to think and develop in an outstanding manner.

Everyone knows that life is a serious business, especially as it develops, but do try and not allow this fact to hinder you from giving yourself that mental freedom to be the creative genius that you were potentially born to be!

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