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Techniques To Becoming Creative

from: Jim Holden - Staff Writer

Sometimes you can perceive yourself as someone who would not know creativity even if it knocked you on the head with a sledgehammer, and sometimes you can just come to the realization that you and creativity simply would not mix. It is like oil and water for you and creativity, or so you think.

You must not give up on it however! If you imagine that you are feeling the wrath of the gods every time you need to be creative, do not put a lid on it. All you need is a technique, a creativity technique.

Creativity techniques make your world a better place to live in, but just as for everyone else in the world, these techniques also have bad points for you. Try and think of them therefore as a giant tool box, which contains everything which you might ever need to build your own house. This giant toolbox has lots and lots of tools in it, but you just have to pick the right one for the job.

The first technique would certainly be the basic model. With this model you have to think of what it is that really hinders you on your path to creativity, and jot it down in a non technical format. Show what you have written down to people who have never experienced that kind of problem, and ask them for ideas and also for their opinions. You can also suggest to them that they think on it overnight, or even for a few days.

When they do respond, make a note of any thoughts and ideas which they suggest regarding the actual problem itself, and any solutions that are of high potential value. It is absolutely essential that what they might expect of your ability to utilize their ideas, is put into a realistic perspective. You can also develop or re-interpret the ideas which they have given you, to make them more workable for you personally.

You should dismiss the notion that the ideas might be technically na´ve, especially if you can work on them to make them more thought provoking, but if you do use the ideas of other people, you cannot just treat them as if they were of no consequence. Instead you have to give a responsive feedback to whoever helped you, to show them that what they did is highly valued and appreciated, and also of productive use.

If the person who has helped you receives a positive response on how his or her ideas were put to good use, he or she will be very glad, and will accommodate your needs again.

Another creativity technique is the face to face networking model, but this technique can only be made workable, if you are sure that your relationship with the person who helps you is built on trust. For exanple, when your helper offers ideas that are somewhat na´ve, you still must try and use these ideas to your advantage, and not dismiss them ot of hand.

However it is a fact that some ideas can sometimes just be so irrelevant, that you and the person who is helping you need to define things more. One very effective way of doing this is just to start a conversation at an informal meeting in a bar, or wherever else it is that you would prefer to meet up.

If you do decide to use this personal approach, you must have very good listening skills, so that your helper's enthusiasm and interest are maintained. Show them that whatever it is they are saying is being considered, and well thought of all the time, because if you do not do so, they will forget about offering creative ideas for you, and you will find yourself on your own again.

So realistically speaking therefore, you do not have to carry the burden of creativity on your shoulders alone, because there are lots of creativity techniques out there, you just have to know how to use them more effectively.

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