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´╗┐How Leaders Boost The Self-Confidence Of Their Employees

from: Marie Kearney Gordon - Guest Writer

You can pinpoint a good leader very easily. They are perceived as eloquent achievers, able to influence others, able to speak eloquently, and apparently more blessed with talents charisma, etc etc. They seem to have been much more lucky than the rest of us, and this appears even more obvious in how well they actually bear themselves.

These people are the leaders of the pack as it were! They head up other groups, and they almost always turn out to be the leaders in whichever unit of people they belong to. They seem to have the kind of strong personality which has people following their every step, and once they become too involved in their activity, they can even delegate the same passion for success that they have to other people.

In short they have the unique ability to inspire others to strive for similar levels of success, and since they are usually in the limelight, there is no way that others can overlook them. They shine forth as if they controlled the stars, and their personalities are totally inspiring, so much so that at times we almost wish that we could change places with them.

They always seem to gain all the benefits, the power over others etc etc, and We follow them because We see them as our bosses. They create the plans and give us the cues to start, or put simply,where they lead others follow.

Also there are times when their leadership does not end with office work alone, because even outside of the workplace, we also often learn to imitate them. In many ways they can inspire us to strive to be the people that we always have dreamt of becoming, simply because they are exactly the people that we wanted ourselves to become

The leadership qualities that we see in these people, their superb personalities and their other intrinsic qualities, were not acheived overnight. They have toiled for them, and have worked hard for them, almost all of their lives. They are not like the dreamers of this world, but instead they are the people who went beyond just settling for a complacent lifestyle and took the road of responsibility and ambition instead. They are the people who have jumped out of the box and made things happen.

The results of their achievements are plain for all to see, but we only see the results and benefits. What is not apparent nor obvious superficially, is the hours and hours of hard work, failures, sweat and tears that went in to making that success.

Employees usually either admire or dislike their leaders, but nonetheless, they work for them and follow their leadership as well. This might possibly be due to a lack of other options, or to the intensity of the loyalty which leaders can often inspire in their employees.

Whichever way it is, we cannot overlook the fact that they wield a power over us in ways that we sometimes do not understand, just as in the same way they are able to greatly influence us. In some cases our personalities are changed completely,because we have learned to follow them and to understand their motives and their aspirations.

We need them not because they are our bosses or employers, or because we depend on their Company for our survival, we need them because they help us see the path to achieve a better standard of life in every aspect.

There are no great secrets to leadership, you simply have to follow what the truly great people have done. They took risks, they learned to sacrifice present gratification in exchange for far greater rewards to be gained in the future, and in so doing, achieved a much better lifestyle for themselves and thier families.

In truth it is their in built self-confidence which has made them the leaders that they are, and you can try and imitate them if you wish. There is certainly no harm in trying, but you will have to learn to embrace reponsinility and be able to accept challenges and pressure as normal parts of your growth as a person.

Only by doing this, will you become the person that you aspire to be, and reap the undoubted rewards that will certainly follow.

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