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New View of Statistics: Confidence Limits
To calculate confidence limits for a statistic, a stats program works out the variation between subjects, then estimates how that variation would translate ... - 27k -

Consumer Confidence: A Killer Statistic
It's the one key to any market economy, so investors need to learn the measures and how to analyze them. - 44k -

Statistical and adaptive approach for verification of a neural ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
on the application of statistical confidence interval. analysis coupled with the use of complex ... statistical confidence interval analysis will provide ... -

BBC Education - AS Guru - Maths - Option: Statistics - Sampling ...
How much confidence can be invested in the sample-derived estimates of ... on our degree of knowledge of the standard error of the statistic considered. ... - 22k -

Marshall et al. (1998)
Statistical confidence for likelihood-based paternity inference in natural populations Marshall TC, Slate J, Kruuk LEB & Pemberton JM ... - 4k -

JSTOR: Exact Three-Order-Statistic Confidence Bounds on Reliable ...
The (1-a)-level three-order-statistic confidence bounds on t~ under the single censoring model are of the form tR - exp (x_R) = exp [X~-k V~,~. ... -

Blackwell Synergy: Mol Ecol, Vol 7, Issue 5, pp. 639-655 ...
However, Meagher did not assess the statistical confidence in the paternities that were awarded. Foltz & Hoogland (1981) carried out an analysis of ... -

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