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Rough Validity, Confidence, and Coverage of Rules in Approximation ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
r, called the rough confidence (accuracy) of r, is defined for the rules ... A particular case of rough confidence, rough coverage, and rough support ... -

PECT Infrastructure: A Rough Sketch
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
A Rough Sketch. Scott Hissam. James Ivers. December 2002. TECHNICAL NOTE ... of confidence. A PECT user works within constraints imposed by the component ... -

DNAML: Output of the Program
A table is printed showing the length of each tree segment (in units of expected nucleotide substitutions per site), as well as (very) rough confidence ... - 10k -

Rough trot to Birdsville makes champ of also-rans - Horseracing ... ... -gets-my-vote-of-confidence/2006/09/03/1157222011000.html text/html-document ... -

CONTML: Output of the Program
The lengths (in time or in expected amounts of variance) are given in a table below the topology, and a rough confidence interval given for each length. ... - 7k -

Deltoid Andrew Bolt: making it up?
That is enough for a rough estimate, and the uncertainty because of the sample size is measured in the confidence interval. Ian Gould Says: ... - 39k -

Rough validity, confidence, and coverage of rules in approximation ...
In this article, an extension of the classical approach to a general rough case is discussed. We introduce and investigate graded validity, confidence, ... -

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