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Press release - Commission takes initiative to restore confidence ...
Commission takes initiative to restore confidence in GMO approval process. The European Commission decided yesterday to propose to Member States a strategy ... - 29k -

Pacific Justice Institute - Defending Parental Rights, Religious ...
One of my top priorities as Attorney General is to restore confidence in our legal system. Your hard work defending civil liberties, including your ... - 11k -

EuroNews : Barroso's practical drive to restore confidence
Barroso's practical drive to restore confidence. The EU plans to concentrate on "common problems" to make Europe's increasing integration more practical and ... -

Roman Emperors - DIR Diocletian
Diocletian's attempt to reissue good gold and silver coins failed because there simply was not enough gold and silver available to restore confidence in the ... - 17k -

Restore confidence in elections
Restore confidence in elections. By JONATHAN BECHTLE GUEST COLUMNIST. King County Executive Ron Sims says he's close to hiring a new director for the county ... - 25k -

Marine World - Article about OMEGA mesh gauge
More objective monitoring of mesh sizes should restore confidence in the value of technical measures. It should also eliminate the present legal uncertainty ... - 23k -

Government moves to restore confidence in complementary medicines ...
A high level review of herbal and other complementary medicines in Australia has called for extensive reforms to restore confidence in the alternative ... - 19k -

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