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Statistic Fundamentals
Values of t at the 95% confidence level for various degrees of freedom. ... The Q-test involves applying statistics to examine the overall scatter of the ...
chemlab.truman.edu/DataAnalysis/Statistics_Files/StatisticsFundamentals.htm - 47k -

Testing the equivalence principle: why and how?
File Format: Adobe PostScript
independent of any theory about the material dependence of Q ... 6.2 correspond to 68% and 95% confidence. levels, respectively). Optimizing the choice of ...
www.iop.org/EJ/article/0264-9381/13/11A/005/q61a05.ps.gz -

Dixon's Q-test: Detection of a single outlier
This critical value should correspond to the confidence level (CL) we have decided to run the test (usually: CL=95%). Note: Q-test is a significance test. ...
www.chem.uoa.gr/applets/AppletQtest/Text_Qtest2.htm - 26k -

Nat' Academies Press, Emergent Techniques for Assessment of Visual ...
The commonly used 95 percent confidence interval corresponds to plus and minus ... In order to use the visi on test for selection, we must first measure its ...
fermat.nap.edu/books/POD227/html/49.html - 34k -

Lesson 5
Using the t tables, calculate the 95% confidence interval for the true value. ... Can you reject any data now (using the Q test at the 90% confidence level) ...
www.wellesley.edu/Chemistry/stats/lesson5.html - 28k -

Advances in analytical methods for protein analysis by mass ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat
showed equivalent measurements well within 95% confidence limits. ... After removing potential outliers using Dixon’s Q-test (34), the program calculates ...
www.mcponline.org/cgi/reprint/M500084-MCP200v1.pdf -

Confidence Intervals: Text
Q How do I interpret this confidence interval? A It says that, if you repeatedly test 50-bottle random samples of hot sauce and compute the confidence ...
people.hofstra.edu/faculty/stefan_Waner/realworld/finitetopic1/confint.html - 46k -

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