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´╗┐Forget Your Fears - Start Improving Your Self-Confidence

from: Marie Kearney Gordon - Guest Writer

How foolish of us to think that each day must be a perfect day, and that we must be flawless, and also that we should work out our lives and get through every single day with nothing to be sorry about. Who ever planted that dumb idea anyway!!!

People often talk complete and utter rubbish, and whatever motivates them to say some of it, surely had some good reasons to make them believe that perfection would solve eveything.

Of course it is a very good thing to strive for perfection. There is no harm done in striving to achieve that goal, but the question is can anyone truly achieve it. Even if you could, are you risking too much if you do achieve it! We are not saying that you should leave aside the idea of perfection and be content with being second best by the way. In doing so you would most likely have your life ending up as a complete failure.

When your idea of perfection limits you to doing only what you are supposed to do and no more, it is no longer of any benefit to you. You are certain to be on your way to frustration and failure in yourlife if you adopt this attitude as representative of your own acceptable standards.

It is actually quite good to fall flat on your face sometimes. There is nothing wrong with that. We all learn from our mistakes, and sometimes indeed, we can really learn a hard lesson from those mistakes.

It may be an awful thought to watch yourself leap and fall, but this is the only way which we can learn, and consequently make overcome our fear of failure.

Failures are cruel, but fearing failure is foolish, because failing is inevitable, and is a part of our daily existence. Even the best people fail sometimes, annd even the most brilliant and most gifted people are often laughed at as a direct result of their ideas and their actions.

Improving your self-confidence is no different. You have to accept failures in order to recognize your shortcomings.

In war, a soldier hides because he still hopes that he can avoid the gruesome realities of his present existence, but he is a soldier after all, and he has to fire his rifle and be ready to kill or to be killed. There is only one reality that he cannot accept, namely that he is already dead, and unless he adopts that mental state, he will continue to hide in ditches and stay away from the bullets.

However once he accepts that reality, he will start functioning as a soldier should function. He has to accept the risks of failure, and be hopeful that by doing so, he has achieved greatness.

In improving your self-confidence, you have to take the risks first, which are that you will either fail, or alternatively achieve some great things.

Failure will always come knocking at your door, but remember that the very decision to stand up and make an effort to improve yourself and your self-confidence, has already made you a victor.

So on your way to improving your self-confidence, you should not be afraid. Take stock of yourself and leave your negative thoughts behind, and although at first you may not have confidence in yourself, your vision will motivate you to believing in the brighter side of things.

The bottom line is, therefore, that before we can truly start improving ourselves, we need to forget the things that we are fearful about, especially the fear of failure itself. Once you have removed those hurdles, then you can start revamping yourself with confidence boosting thoughts and activities.

In the end, improvements lie on clear grounds. Set your mind at ease, free from negative thoughts, and in particular, free from those thoughts that will only aggravate your condition.

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