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Some Advice For Low Self Confidence

from: Elizabeth Hayes - Guest Contributor

Low self confidence can stem from many things, and can affect both adults and children alike. For children, causes of low self esteem normally stem from social situations, such as forming relationships at school or how they bond with their parents. At a young age, children give themselves value and worth depending on how they feel others value them, so if they feel that others don't rate them, they are unlikely to rate themselves.

In adulthood, self confidence largely comes from within, as the ability to self-evaluate one's performance increases. Things such as problems at work, comparing one's achievements in life such as marriage, having a family and buying a house to one's peers and financial success can all contribute positively and negatively to a person's self confidence. Social influences can affect a person's self confidence too, and situations of loss, such as breaking up or death can dramatically reduce self esteem.

Low self confidence can be very debilitating, as it creates a downward spiral that can lead to depression, even in young children. They feel they have no worth, and thus don't seek opportunities to succeed and gain worth, which makes them feel even worse about themselves.

At times like this, only outside intervention can help a person suffering from low self esteem. In mild cases, time spent with one's close friends and talking through the situations can help, as it is often forgotten that others hold them in much higher esteem than they hold themselves.

In more severe cases, professional therapy may be needed to help discover the causes of low self confidence, and to provide help and advice about on how to improve it. It takes a large amount of will power and effort to make the most of opportunities that will help build self esteem, but the positive benefits of doing this far outweigh the nerves felt before attending the opportunities.

Self confidence is an essential part of life. It leads us to success. Anyone who thinks negatively about himself will not get to his target in life. Believing in ourselves while doing anything is paramount to our successful existence.

To gain self confidence we should have a good and pleasant mind. We should help others and understand others' feelings. Refrain from being a selfish person. Then you can love others and get back the love of others. That love is the moral support one needs to be a confident person. Never think that you cannot get anything or cannot do anything. Do not be cruel to others; always keep your thoughts light and your face smiling. Then the response from everyone in your life will be positive and that will increase your confidence.

Lack of confidence makes people become introverted, affecting their life negatively. They will become morose and lazy, even if they previously had a lot of qualities. Be aware of your qualities and defect, and try to make up for your defects. Think only about your qualities, and go on with your head held high.

The main reason people lack self confidence is an inability to see their own strengths. Everyone has their own strengths. We should recognize them. Many people think not about their qualities but about others qualities and how they simply do not match up.

Another reason people lose self confidence can be through a traumatic event in their life. Some people can grow from such an experience; others will dwell on it and become fearful. One's childhood also affect one's confidence. A quarrel between parents, a parent's over expectation can cause self confidence issues in a child's mind. Parents should talk with children about their problems and give them suitable advice to help them breed confidence.

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