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´╗┐Lack Of Self-Confidence In Children - How Nursing Students Can Help!

from: Motivated Lifestyle Archive Material.

Self-confidence is an attitude of mind where individuals possess a positive and yet at the same time realistic view of their situation, as well as of life itself.

This is a good character trait to have, since self-confidence allows individuals to trust other people, and execute plans effectively. It also allows them to communicate with others correctly, and integrate well with other people. At the same time, they almost always have the capacity to get things done quickly and well.

However among children, especially during the teenage years,self confidence along with self-esteem can suddenly drop dramatically. There are many reasons for this, ranging from misguided realizations in life, past experiences, race or gender, even to physical appearance.

When this situation occurs, the effect is immeasurable. Lack of self-confidence can misdirect children to feel what should not be felt, and also to think what should not be thought, and so for this situation, children need to be helped as early as possible.

They need someone who can redirect them back onto the right track, and help rebuild the self-confidence which they have lost. They need a person who they are comfortable sharing their problems with, and someone who can understand every word they speak, while also relating closely to them.

Among many different groups, one that could provide aid to build self confidence among children, are nursing students. As long as they are skilled and properly trained in therapy, nursing students can provide hands on and individualized instructions on how to build self confidence among children.

So what makes nursing students so effective!

As was mentioned previously, children, especially those in their teens, need someone who can understand them, and sometimes therefore, they do not feel like opening up to older people such as teachers and even parents.

Nursing students by contrast are generally college students, and their age is therefore is more likely to be relatively close to the children in question.

Seeking help from them therfore would be a lot easier, and more open and relaxed than seeking help from an older person would probably be. Children who lack self-confidence have a tendency to experience a worsening of their condition, if they cannot find the courage to open up to someone about the problems which are on their mind. Forcing them to talk to someone who they are not comfortable talking to, would most likely make that even worse.

Nursing students can act as an older sister or brother to them, and most importantly, they can help the children without forcing them to open up. It is often the case that teenagers who lack self-confidence, sometimes do not have the skill to communicate with others. usually the only people who can understand them effectively, are those who are close to their age.

A friend who can give undivided attention, would mean a lot to children who want to be heard, and nursing students can do this best of all. They are young, idealistic and enthusiastic, and they seem to develop the desire to help other people, especially children who are younger than they are.

Often you will never know what the root causes are for children who lack self-confidence, until they open up to tell you, but if one of those root causes are the people close to them, you can never expect children to open up to speak to them. So children need someone who is not directly involved with them, and nursing students can fill that role.

Of course the help given would not prove to be very effective if the helper lacked self-confidence as well, and it is very important therefore, that each nursing student who is trying to help the children with self-confidence issues must themselves have the right character for the task.

So nursing students acting as role models, can actually be very well equipped to provide the necessary assistance to restore the self-confidence that these children once had.

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