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´╗┐Free Tips on Building Self-Confidence

from: Valerie Christie - Staff Writer

Fighting a lack of self-confidence is an issue which many would consider a battle very difficult to win, but if you are provided with the proper ways on how to deal with it, you can build your self-confidence bak up in a fairly quick length of time.

Here are some tips to help you achieve this:-

- Feel good about yourself

Every morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say out loud all the good things which you can think about yourself. Also, taking care of yourself physically, will make things much easier for you if you want to build your self-confidence through this process. Eat properly, exercise regularly, make sure that you get enough rest, and above all, try and be happy.

- Do not be afraid to socialize:-

Socializing is one of the most effective ways to build up your self-confidence, so do not be afraid to approach different people, and set out to make new friends and business contacts. If at first you are afraid to talk to someone you do not know, ask other people to help you in the introduction and the initial conversation

- Beat your self-consciousness:-

The opposite of self-confidence is self-consciousness, so make sure that you remove the self-consciousness by removing the fear and anxiety from your system. You can do this by diverting your attention away from the subject of your consciousness, or by facing your fear head on.

- Do not think that your case is hopeless:-

You can never build up self-confidence if you already think that you cannot do it. Remember that if you lack self-confidence today, you will probably have it for the rest of your life, and you will just make yourself miserable in the process, so for your own sake be optimistic that you can change your present condition.

- Reward yourself for a job done well:-

Once you have finished your work in an efficient way, give yourself a treat You could buy something for yourself, or take yourself out to dinner, or in any way that you want to, but make sure and do it, it is a very important factor in this whole process.

- Pick a role model:-

Pick someone who can be a role model for your own self-confidence. It could be someone at your office, your boss perhaps, or it could be any personality on the television or even a public figure. You should be careful on picking your model though, make sure that you find out something good about him or her.

- Take responsibility:-

People who avoid taking any responsibility are those who do not think that they can get the job done right, but you are certainly not one of those are you! To be able to build up your self-confidence, you must learn how to take responsibility even though it does not have to be big at first. Start with small tasks which you can do easily, and move on from there.

- Set yourself goals, but keep them realistic:-

Lack of self-confidence usually starts when you think you are not worthy to complete certain tasks, or think that you are incapable of finishing them properly. In order for you to begin to change this way of thinking, set yourself some personal goals which you know that you can achieve easily.

Small things such as following your daily routine precisely would do for starters, and then you can work your way up to more difficult and complicated goals. The point here is to take things one notch higher, after you have successfully managed to get something done right.

- Be positive:-

Do not think of yourself as a worthless individual who could not do things right because you never look at the good side of yourself, and do not focus only on negative things that have happened in your life, but instead keep in mind the good things which you have achieved.

Apply all these things in your life, and before you know it you will soon be gaining your self-confidence.

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