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´╗┐How To Build Up Your Self Confidence

from: Jim Holden - Staff Writer

At some point in our lives we all experience lack of self-confidence, due to various reasons and causes. Maybe we are not good in the classroom, or possibly we are not a sporty type, but find ourselves trapped in the company of a group of athletes for example. Or it might be the case, that we consider ourselves incapable of achieving something that others might find pretty easy.

These reasons can build up to the extent that we end up being in the situation where we have no self confidence at all. Aside from these reasons, lack of self-confidence can also be rooted in either race or gender, or indeed physical appearance.

The point is, that to try and root out our lack of self-confidence from past experiences, or internal conflict, we need to take some effective actions. To assist you in this, here are some ways on how you can build up your self-confidence.

1. Take responsibility:- This does not have to involve taking over a group and becoming a leader for exanple, but simply taking small responsibilities such as doing various chores, will provide a good start on building up your self confidence. Once you have assumed and successfully executed small responsibilities, then you can take on bigger ones, the idea being to start off in a small way, and work your way up from there.

2. Be positive:- It is usually the case that when you think about the negative things, or the negative effects of each thing or task that you do, you end up ignoring the positive side of things, which in turn can lower your self-confidence even further, so what you should try and do therefore, is to think much more of the positive side of the matter.

This might not be an easy thing to do, but it may become very much harder if you get used to thinking negative things only, so force yourself to think of the good side, rather than the bad.

3. Set yourself goals:- On everything that you do, set yourself a goal! Start off small, focus on achieving this initial goal, and soon you will find yourself setting more difficult goals for yourself, which in turn will provide you with much greater self confidence.

4. Start your day by facing the mirror and praising yourself. You might think this is embarrassing, but this technique is very effective. If you start your day happy, your tasks will seem much less difficult, because you will have a positive outlook on the whole day. Seeing yourself as a beautiful being will certainly make everything beautiful in the process, and soon you will walk on the street happy and contented.

5. Avoid unnecessary stress:- Your aim is to build up your self confidence, and you cannot do that if set yourself too much to achieve in too short a time, so what you should do is to avoid this by undertaking each task efficiently and one at a time. This will get things done at the same time, and remove the burden from you, and the thought that you cannot finish everything in time.

6. Stand in the middle of the crowd:- This does not mean that you have to always be the center of attention, it only means that you have to make some contacts and get a conversation going. At all costs do not just sit at a party and feel sorry for yourself, because no one talks to you. Approach people, self confidence is built up by communicating well.

7. Take care of yourself:- Live healthy, eat healthy, and get plenty of rest. This will make you feel good on the inside and look good on the outside.

8. Provide help to others:- Your aim is to feel good about yourself, which will result in your having greater self-confidence. If you spend time helping others, you will certainly feel good about yourself.

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