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´╗┐Seeking Help From Self Confidence Message Boards Or Forums!

from: Valerie Christie - Guest Writer.

Lack of self-confidence can really damage a person in terms of their personal relationships and their personal convictions. The lack of self-confidence hinders mankind to live their lifes effectively, since they need to interact with each other to continue an effective and healthy life on this earth.

Trying to address and deal with the lack of self-confidence, is very important. Having good self confidence enables individuals to make themselves an integral part of the society that they live in, and this is the reason therefore why there are various methods and training available on how build up individual self-confidence. These include attending workshops and seminars, reading self-help books, and attending therapy sessions. The question therefore is how effective are these methods proving to be.

A majority would say that they probably are very effective, because if they were not they would be unlikely to exist that long, and much fewer people would be using these methods. It could be argued however that since the problem is the individual themself, and the solution can only be initiated within that individual themself,the results of these methods very much depends on how the particular individual responds to the methods as it were.

However, since self-confidence can affect how individuals integrate with other people, some of the methods mentioned above might be very hard to embrace. To address this particular issue therefore, we would advocate a very effective method where people who have self-confidence issues can indirectly integrate with other people efectively, without having the drawbacks of not integrating well with other people face to face.

This is acheived through the use of message boards or forums on the Internet. At this stage you might now reasonably be asking how message boards or forums can help individuals improve their self-confidence, and that is a very fair question to pose.

Since message boards or forums are effective ways to discuss and exchange ideas among people with similar interests or problems, you would be able to ask questions, and receive direct answers, on how to improve your self-confidence. For instance, when you post a topic (for example, your problem on low self-esteem) on message boards or forums, other people who are able to see your post, can give answers on how to improve your self-esteem.

If you are lucky, one single post can attract several responses from different people with the same personal experiences on the issue you are going through. You can also get responses from therapists who are willing to shed some light on what your condition may be.

Also, there are topics on the message boards or forums which you may find similar to your own situation, so you can scan these topics and very often find the answers which you need.

The Internet has answers for everything. There are great articles out there, written both by experts and by laymen, offering answers and solutions to your self-confidence issues. If you find however that these articles are very generalised, then the use of message boards or forums more often than not, allows you to get specific answers to your personal queries.

Another really good thing about message boards or forums, is that you can learn how integrate with other people, without the stess of actually meeting them. Communication and interpersonal skills are vutally important if you want to build up your self-confidence, and the use of message boards or forums are good venues to hone those skills.

The main point here is that message boards or forums are places where you can interact, and the same time participate in lively discussions. These places attract those individuals who often find it hard to open up directly to other people and individuals face to face, so message boards or forums allow different kinds of people to meet with each other to achieve certain goals, namely to seek answers and provide help to one another.

Message boards or forums link those things that could not be linked by other means, thereby helping individuals build up their self-confidence without forcing them to do things they are not ready to do.

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