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´╗┐The Links Between Childhood And Self-Confidence

from: Jennifer Morton - Guest Writer

One word which could be used to describe the beginning of most tangible things is the word building. One has to build something first as it were, before he can say that he really has done something tangible to add to his achievements in this world. His soul may well be an eternal spark in the universe, and whatever sparks that soul may give will always remain to be a celestial part in eternal existence.

Even though we are only human, we do in fact give the Universe it's brightness, and our contributions to this add bits of importance to the way men navigate through time, however irrelevant they seem to us at the time. To give a more tangible illustration of this viewpoint, it only takes a single candle to give light in a small room, but the light of many candles would be immeasurable.

So if you apply this illustration to your life, you can neither be a spark nor indeed a candle if you do not, or cannot, believe in yourself. You cannot give a dim room light, if you yourself have no light as it were in your own being, to be able to convince yourself that you are significant.

This all lies in your belief in the things that you can do, but also in your acceptance of the things which you cannot change. You are one single being, yet in a sense the world depends on you, but if you do not possess enough self confidence, let alone enough self belief, how can you accept the privilege of shedding some light into the world, never mind becoming that tiny spark in the universe!

Whether you believe it or not, it all stems from having this belief in yourself!

Have faith in yourself, and therefore in what you are capable of doing, and moreover, in what you are capable of becoming. You most certainly have the potential to develop yourself into a much better person, rather than the one that you were, who was afraid to stand out from the crowd.

When we were young, we tended to be fearful of the world, and this in a sense was inevitable, but you should consider however, that this fear only came from the fact of us not really knowing anything at that stage in our lives.

Nevertheless, we are all capable of possessing some confidence within ourselves, and we have to learn to develop this confidence, so that it effectively overshadows the fear that we may experience when we come across something which is unknown to us.

When we have were young, the foundation of our self confidence was strong, only because we knew nothing of the fears that would creep into every aspect of our very being, later on in our lives. As we age however, we must learn to interpret challenges in life as hurdles to be overcome, and indeed even turned to our advantage in building up our confidence.

Otherwise we will simply become individuals who are fearful of anything which might threaten pr disrupt our comfortable existence.

Many people have exchanged their childhood confidence with fears of not being understood, or of being isolated, or made to feel unimportant, and although this is not the case for most people, it should still never be allowed to happen. The result of this in the end, is usually a lack of self-confidence, and also the loss of the defensive mechanisms which people have integrated into their personalities to mask their weaknesses.

So these people have to find ways of learning things which will help toboost their self-confidence, and this can be extremely difficult, especially when you have probably already become encased in your own negative self image, and lack of self confidence.

However it is never impossible to renew yourself, and rediscover the person that you must have been before your weak acceptance of defeat when you set out to do battle with life. Always remember that it is never too late to regain the self-confidence which you had before.

You may decide to start from scratch, or you may choose to try and regain what is left of your previous confidence into and start working from there, but building it up again may be very difficult to do.

you really have to try and clear the decks so to speak, and difficult as this may seem, it will all be worth it in the end.

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