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´╗┐Self-Confidence Quotes - Why It Is ALL in the Mind!!

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Staff Writer.

It is an undoubted fact that your inner self will recognize whatever you say to yourself. We tend to talk to ourselves all the time subconciously.

Suppose that you repeatedly think to yourself that you are no good, that no one trusts you, that you cannot do this pr that, or you are afraid to face people directly! The inner you will reaffirm all of these negative thoughts to be truths, when actually they are most probably not.

Whatever you see and hear around you is absorbed to shape your personality, and it will eventually be integrated into your whole being, without you even knowing it. It will all come to you naturally as if it is the way that things should be, or it must be the condition you have to suffer.

Most training courses on positive thinking these days, use the phrase, "I think I can", or being stronger still, "I know I can". This works extremely well, and many many people are known to have reaped the benefits of drilling this positive thought into their heads.

You see it is all in the mind, and everything that you make your mind believe, will end up being embedded into it.

Not all of us have the confidence to face other people, or the confidence to say what we want to say. We are a hindrance to ourselves in performimg the tasks that we want to complete, or to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves. It is usually the case that if you have one crucial failure, everything else will fail as well.

If part of your work involves having to address people publicly every now and then, and you lack the self-confidence to even stand in front of them, you would be better off finding another job where this is not required. At least that would provide you with the comfort of not having to face your fear of public speaking.

There are many ways to conquer lack of self-confidence, and in many cases the solutions will dawn on you as you go along. This is called enlightenment, and when this does happen, you will find yourself thinking that you have been wasting all your life shying away from people unnecessarily. It might even prove to be the case that you will actually come to find pleasure in approaching challenges which in the past would have been the cause of intense worry to you.

It might possibly even be that you will gain self-confidence after merely encountering the term "self-confidence" itself. This might sound somewhat corny, but it does actually work, and it happens in many different ways.

In the very same way that you convinced yourself of not having enough self-confidence, you will also find ways of making yourself believe that you are capable of doing many more things, and of actually making something of yourself.

If you label yourself as pretty worthless, and good for nothing, you may be certain that that is the way others will regard you. On the other hand, if you are assertive, and display an attitude that shows strength of character and a self confident individual, then you will be well on the way to rescuing yourself from the pressure of the negative aspects of your personality.

In many instances self-confidence has been greatly increased by the use of self-hypnotism. This is the term used to describe the procedure of repeating phrases to yourself over and over again, the purpose of which is to bring about a specific and gradual reaction towards a behavioral condition. It could be likened to strengthening your belief through a mantra, as it were.

Lack of self-confidence is only in the mind, and therefore one way that you can use to overcome it, is mind power. Think positively about yourself and repeat over and over, self-confidence quotes that you find reassuring.

In this way you will motivate your inner self to take action, and lift you away from the trap of not having enough inner self belief, and self esteem.

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