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´╗┐Some Pointers In Teaching Communication Skills

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Archive Material

When the term communication skills is referred to, we always tend to associate it with fluency, with fluency being defined as smoothness and proficiency in the use of the language involved in the transmission of ideas towards the other party or indeed parties!

Fluency is one quality that must be achieved where the aspect of effective communication skills is required. It is important to note that the term communication skills does not only refer to the verbal form, wherein fluency is indeed a must, but also to the counterpart of verbal communication, which is the written form.

Therefore it is vital that one should also be proficient in the witten forms of communication!

Whatever the form of communication, there is only one objective with which you are concerned, and that is the intention of conveying a message to other people in order to gain a meeting of the minds.

Communication skills therefore can indicate the ability of an individual to smoothly transmit his message to the recipient, and it also means that the idea to be conveyed should be vivid, precise, and unambiguous.

Teaching communication skills has been an integral part of the curriculum of all academies. Academic instructors know for a fact that communication cannot be avoided, instead communication skills should be enhanced and improved, and accordingly, the teaching of communication skills to the students might prove to be a difficult task, especially if the latter lacks the willingness and motivation to learn

Furthermore, those who do teach communication skills to a group of students, point out the importance of detailed categories in enhancing oral and written communication skills.

The following pointers therefore, are emphasized in the teaching of communication skills:-

The voice does matter a lot in verbal communication, so in order to gain enough impact, you must avoid using a flat tone at all costs. Your voice must be well modulated so that it will fit in well with the type of sentences that you are uttering.

You must employ both high and low pitches as required by the spaces in the gaps of the words that you utter, which means in effect that you are neither shouting nor whispering. It should remain in the middle as it were, but there must be complete audibility for your whole audience.

Furthermore, the body language that you use, and the facial expressions that you display, must go along with the thoughts that you are conveying. For written communications, it is necessary that you know the laws of unity, coherence, and emphasis, and a good writing skill is required also.

Now both written and oral communication skills necessitate your being abreast of the language that you are useing as the medium for your communication, and moreover, if you are also knowledgeable of the proper rules in grammar, then the sense of fluency will come as a natural thing.

In teaching communication skills comes the essence of teaching correct grammar. At times, some incorrect use of grammar may appear as one of the unavpidable flaws of verbal communication, but it cannot be tolerated all the time.

If you are aware of these important tips used to enhance your communication skills, then there should be no hesitation on your part. Also reading material and watching those films that employ the language you want to use, helps to improve and greatly sharpen up your communication skills.

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