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´╗┐The Importance Of Communication Skills In The World Of Today

from: Marie K Gordon - Guest Writer.

Language and communication are changing all the time, which is probably because of the fact that people are changing all the time. Although people are the main reason why communications change, there are a number of other factors influencing the reasons why people really need to continually seek to improve their communication skills.

The importance of communication skills is undeniable because of these various influencing factors

Communication is particularly affected by technology, because new words and terminologies are created to allow for the new discoveries in the technology itself. Herein lies one major importance of communication skills, namely that since language changes all the time, one needs to be able to keep up with these changes.

In other words, a person should continually gain enough knowledge to continue upgrading his or her communication skills.

We have already seen the changes wrought by technology in language. There was a time when a spider made a web and a net was used to catch fish, just as there used to be a time when surfing actually involved using surfboards, and the sea to surf in. So the importance of good communication skills lies in the fact that those same skills will help man to actually progress with his language by the fact of using them.

Communication is also greatly affected by culture. In the past, different cultures were able to use whatever words they wished, to describe something, but because of the realization that some of those words could actually be offensive to other cultures, it is considered necessary nowadays to change our language to take account of this.

So the importance of communication skills, lies in the fact that these very skills help with the social interaction of people with one another,and also having communication skills is important, because man is not meant to live in isolation. Each of us does need other people in our lives, in order to be able to live a full and meaningful life.

There are other factors that help in the continuous on going development of communication, and it is also the case that these factors contribute to the importance of communication skills, and the biggest importance of communication skills is the fact that it is the way through which our civilization continues to flourish.

The act of passing on knowledge from generation to generation is as a result of communication, and it is through communication that we manage to continue our discoveries!

Another importance of communication skills lies in expression, as the experiences gained in life need an outlet. People need some ways to express themselves, in order for others to share those experiences, but communication skills are necessary in order to do this effectively.

Communication skills can mean the difference between a doodle and a masterpiece, to use an artistic analogy. Some people may disagree with this importance of communication skills, and they may say that art is not required to live. However, have you ever considered that although we work to live, art is what we live for!

The importance of communication skills lies in the fact that these skills allow us to put order in the chaos of human interaction. Without communication skills, people would be unable to understand the desires of each other, and mutual growth would be impossible.

Helping each other is the reason that we have progressed through all of these years, and it is the reason that we survive until this day.

It is through unity and solidarity that we man has reached these heights, and this is made possible through communication. The everyday occurrences of violence resulting from misunderstandings, show us just what would happen if communication skills were non-existent.

Communication skills are important because we need to be able to relate with the world around us, and We need to be able to express ourselves effectively.

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