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´╗┐Some Myths And Facts On Effective Communication Skills

from: Jim Holden Staff Writer

Communication, like so many other activities of humanity has a lot of myths surrounding it. Some of them have a basis in truth, but others are just the blind rationalizations of people who are willing to use any excuse to promote their services.

Here therefore, are some myths and facts on effective communication skills.

Myth No One:- Effective communication skills can solve every problem!
The true fact on effective communication skills is that there are some problems that cannot be solved, even if they are well understood. There are those who say that the only reason why people have so many problems, is that they cannot truly understand each other, and when you think about it, this may seem true on turface at any rate.

If you were to take a good look around, you will see that most of our problems actually do stem from lack of proper communication and understanding, but we would suggest that even if all people were able to communicate effectively, we would still have considerable disagreements.

It is an undisputed fact of life that we are all inherently different, so even if we all somehow started being able to make ourselves clearly understood, we would still continue to hold our own opinions regarding different matters.

Here is an illustration:-

You happen to like apples, and you think therefore that they are the best fruit in the world, but another person holds the opinion that oranges are the best fruit in the world, so the point is, that even if you were able to communicate effectively with the other party, you still will most likely not be able to change his opinion.

Myth No Two:- Verbal communication is more effective than non-verbal communication!Those of us who are comfortable with using words, have a great tendency to believe therefore that words are the most effective means of communication, and so, our tendency is to try and develop their verbal communication skills more effectively.

However, the reality of effective verbal communication skills is that they cannot achieve everything that may be required.

Sure, words can say that a person is sad for instance, but a single teardrop can do that just as effectively, and moreover, it has been said that pictures are worth a thousand words, and people only think that verbal communication is the best kind, since this is the type of communication they most commonly and consciously use. However, have you ever realized how much you are able to tell about others just by looking at them. Probably not!

Of course this does not mean that non verbal communication is better than using words, and we should realize that everyone uses both verbal and non-verbal communication in their everyday lives. To ask which one is better therefore, would be like asking a bird which wing is more useful to its flight.

Myth No Three:- The effectiveness of communication is determined by technology!
For some this can be true, and certainly technology today helps to make sure that messages do not get garbled up, and the Internet specifically, was designed to let people deliver their messages with as little interference as possible.

However, the true test of effective communication skills is how people determine that effectiveness, for example, the way that a person sends a message and the way that another receives it, determines the clarity of that message. The perception of both the receiver and the sender determines just how intact the message is when it reaches its destination.

The fact of effective communication skills is that it lies within a person to accomplish it, and no machine can help make your communication skills more effective if you do not take steps to improve it yourself.

Technology certainly can affect communication, and improve the channels through which the process flows, but the effectiveness of good communications, still lies in the ability of people themselves to practise it.

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