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Say What You Mean - Develop Your Verbal Communication Skills!

from: Jim Holden - Staff Writer

Words are said to be the greatest achievementof man, but many people would argue that verbal communication was developed not out of want, but out of need. People needed verbal communication in order for our species to survive, and this is the reason why more and more people aim to develop and improve their verbal communication skills.

Developing good communication skills can be a tough job, but if you try to make use of the old style of divide and conquer, you might be able to do it quite easily by simply splitting it into segments. So how exactly do you divide up the job of developing verbal communication skills!

1) Oral - This is the area of verbal communication skills that we most often use, and as this category encompasses the spoken word, in focusing on this aspect, you will be able to improve your skills in conversation of all types.

So how do you develop this verbal communication skill. Once again, we divide and we conquer.

a) Speaking – Some people speak too much without saying anything, and in order to develop this verbal communication skill, you need to be able to control your tongue. The secret of being a successful speaker, is to think about what to say before you say it, and also Consider the possible consequences of your words.

We all know that no person can say the right thing all of the time, but you should learn to realize the fact that this verbal communication skill can be developed and nurtured over time.

Many people do not take this concept seriously, as they have not been practising it for their whole lives, and this is one of the main reasons why language skills have deteriorated today. People have very little interest in good grammar, their reasoning being that grammar is an instrument of elite, or upper classes, or possibly the fact that amongst the younger generation in particular, it is not seen as "cool".

b) Listening – Listening is different from hearing, the difference being that We do not control our hearing consciously. However, when we listen, we do so because we choose to, and a good definition of listening would be, that you should not only hear what other people are saying, but you should be able to understand it as well.

In learning how to listen properly to other people, you will be able to be a much more effective conversaionalist.

2) Written – Because of technology, this form of verbal communication skills is rarely used today. People hate having to read and write, thinking that it is just too much work, but developing this verbal communication skill is essential, because you cannot record and transmit absolutely everything!

a) Writing – Writing is one of those activities that have changed because of technology. In the past, development of effective written verbal communication skills involved having to make sure that your hand writing was legible. Because of technology, however, we now need only to focus on grammar and spelling in order to communicate effectively through this method.

In order to develop your writing skills, you should try to seek the opinion of other people, and you should see if your writing transmits your message clearly.

b) Reading – When reading, try to interpret messages as clearly as possible. Each of us has an idea about what a message is all about, but in some cases, we need to interpret them the way the writer wants them to be interpreted.

This is particularly true for memorandums, laws and other official written correspondence, and therefore developing your verbal communication skills needs patience and practice. You also should read more extensively, in order to learn how to read better, and in so doing, you will also be able to improve other skills.

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