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´╗┐How To use Good Communication Skills In Student Organizations

from: Motivated Lifestyle - Staff Writer

As a student, you often probably wonder why you have to take communication and public speaking classes, but in the real sense, such classes are meant to teach us how to develop our communication skills. These classes prepare you for real life scenarios, where you interact with professors, students, department heads, the outside world, and many different types of people in different settings and situations.

One instance where you need to have a good communication skill, is when you are running for college election in the student organization. Students are required to elect their leaders, who will then effectively manage the student body to achieve the goals and objectives they have set. So when the student representatives form a party, and hold election campaigns, it is then that the nominated students must posses excellent public speaking skills.

Your appointment as a student leader is one where you have to practice and develop your communication skills, and as a potential nominee for the position, you will most probably be invited to give speeches on how you would lead the organization. You would be required to outline your future plans, and how you would carry them out effectively, and this would involve you in speaking to a large number of students.

Preparing for your speech is one of the better ways to improve or convince yourself that you have good communication skill, and to do this, you should make a rough draft of what you plan to say, and write it down on a sheet of paper with short headings.

While you are getting on to the stage, compose yourself, smile at your audience, and organize your thoughts carefully in your mind, so that you convey your message properly. Since this is an election campaign, you would be well advised to set out all your plans to influence and attract good audiences, and you would need to demonstrate that you were very confident and enthusiastic about the elections themselves.

Deliver your message to the whole audience in a clear, concise and understandable tone of voice, as it is vital that the speaker be very firm and decisive in his manner of presentation, and also the message he wants to convey. Speak in such a way that you let your audience know your points, and also show them that you are not afraid to implement changes, and be sure to convey the impression that you can be an effective leader!

When making friends and mingling with other students in social gatherings, it is essiential that you develop good communication skills, as this provides a good way for you to meet people and establish new contacts. As part of the life of a student, communication skills go a long way, because networking is highly important. Also meeting different people in colleges exposes the student to different life styles, which enables him to network freely.

Another instance where communication skills can be developed in a student life, is in the typical classroom situation. In lectures the professor connects with the students, and it is your job then to listen and be attentive in giving your full attention to the professor, and in this way, you can expect a healthy interaction with your professor the moment he solicits for your opinion or views.

To stimulate effective communication skills between you and your professor, look at him and maintain eye contact, and nod when he is trying to get your response on the discussion. For instance when he says do you get me, ask open ended questions if you do not understand what he is saying.

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